Best Eco-friendly & Non-Toxic Sunscreen in Europe

Best Eco-friendly & Non-Toxic Sunscreen in Europe

The data is very clear. Over 7 million Europeans are estimated to have skin cancer due to, among other things, sun exposure. Sunscreen should be used all year long, even when cloudy. But, are they really any gentle and safe sunscreen options in Europe? Yes, they are! We curated a list of the best European natural sunscreen for your everyday use. 

  • Sun Tribe
  • SPML Skincare
  • Suns-care
  • The Ohm Collection
  • Naif Care
  • Eco Elio

When picking the right eco-conscious sun protection you should be aware of the ingredients list to avoid any harmful chemicals that will negatively affect the environment or that could dry, irritate and change your skin pigmentation in the long run. Your skin doesn't  need chemicals. And certainly, does not the ocean. Did you know that sunscreen chemicals can bleach coral reefs, and damage their DNA? It is our responsibility to take care of the ocean. And choosing a coral reef-friendly sunscreen is the best start.

We present you our top eco-friendly sunscreen brands that will protect your skin from the sun while keeping you and the planet, smooth and healthy.

Read our list of the best sustainable sunscreen options in Europe.

Sun Tribe

Sun Tribe is a sunscreen brand founded by a group of  Sweden surfer friends that tired of the damaging and commercial ways inside the sunscreen market and created an organic and eco-friendly sunscreen.

Their natural sunblock has been tested by independent labs to prove it is a non-toxic reef-safe sunscreen. All the ingredients present in Sun Tribe’s eco-friendly and non-toxic sunscreen are organic and natural. Its sun protection is made 100% free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and perfumes.

Their broad spectrum of sunscreen includes 20 SPF, 30 SPF, and 50 SPF options. Sun Tribe is an excellent option to find all the eco-conscious sunscreen collections. They also have the perfect Urban Bundle for those out and about in the city jungle and a family bundle to keep your own tribe happy and safe. Sun Tribe is proof that you can do things differently and have fun in the process! 

Price: from $14
Best for: certified organic sunscreen, mineral sunscreen. 

Best Eco-friendly & Non-Toxic Sunscreen in Europe - Suntribe

SMPL Skincare

We found SMPL to be a trustful sustainable sunscreen brand for two simple reasons:

First, all of their skin and hair products are made with 100% natural ingredients that can be applied to the most sensitive skin without any harm. They just have the good stuff. Second, they also used green product tubes made of sugar cane. Hear this: They work along with a cycling company so they can deliver most of their orders by bicycle! Love it! Their sustainability commitment is very inspiring! Their whole range is vegan and free from microplastics.

Now, let’s focus on their natural and non-toxic sunblock. This Dutch brand offers a chemical-free sunscreen for sensitive skin with a broad spectrum of SPF 30. It’s a protective, mineral sunscreen that cares for your skin and will keep it moisturized the whole time! This environmentally-friendly sunscreen doesn't have any chemicals that would affect marine life.  Be free to enjoy a swim in the ocean!

And if it wasn’t enough, SMPL’S sunscreen is child-friendly! Your little bundle will not absorb any chemicals and will not get any rash or irritation in his skin.

Price: from $20
Best for: natural sunscreen.

Best Eco-friendly & Non-Toxic Sunscreen in Europe - SMPL Skincare


This German brand has managed to make green sun protection so appealing! Their simple and attractive products will give you reliable UV protection without leaving any residue on your skin.

They have a broad spectrum of 30SPF and 50 PF with different size options in each one of them. No need to worry if you have a delicate dermis, they are also suitable for sensitive skin! Their formulas are designed to protect your skin from the sun, while also making sure it stays moisturized.

Their practical and sustainable bottles are made of Green PE, a plastic made from sugar cane. Sugar cane is a renewable plant that binds CO2 with each production. And, they are 100% recyclable! If you want to know more about their eco-friendly sunblock collection make sure to check the ingredient index to find out everything that's in it. Sunscare deserves to be on your must-list this 2024 summer!

Price: from $12,95
Best for: Quality UV protection, sustainable and stylish tubes.

Best Eco-friendly & Non-Toxic Sunscreen in Europe - Sunscare

The Ohm Collection

The Ohm Collection is a perfect option to get into a magical world of natural and non-toxic range of skin care. From deodorants to body lotions, this Dutch sustainable brand will trap you with its eco-friendly and natural products.

They have really shown themselves with their Sun Safe lotion. This quality non-toxic mineral sunscreen will provide you with broad-spectrum protection for your face and body using non-nano zinc oxide. Nanoparticles can be comedogenic, meaning they can block your skin pores and affect natural body processes. Rest assured that your skin will be protected from UVA and UVB rays. Get your non-nano sunscreen in Europe with the Ohm Collection and enjoy every weather!

Price: from $75
Best for: broad collection, natural ingredients.

Best Eco-friendly & Non-Toxic Sunscreen in Europe - The Ohm Collection

Naif Care

When you have little ones around you simply want the best. Especially if we are talking about caring for their skin and what it will absorb. If you have been looking for a safe and natural sunscreen for kids? Here we present a whole brand dedicated to it.

Naif Care was created by two Dutch parents with the responsibility to do good. They developed a range of skincare products for babies & kids with natural ingredients and soon after released a complete and natural skincare family-friendly catalog.

Check out their different broad spectrum of eco-friendly sun protection for your baby or kids. No rash! No irritation! No skin diseases! Even when your bubba is still inside your belly, they can absorb almost everything that you put on your body. Try their non-toxic and pregnancy-friendly for you and your cute bundle!

By the way, all of their packaging is plastic-free.

Price: from $8
Best for: Natural skincare for babies and kids.

Best Eco-friendly & Non-Toxic Sunscreen in Europe - Naif Care

Eco Elio

Eco Elio is a German brand that believes our planet deserves the same protection as you. Following this guideline, they have created a quality and sustainable sunscreen where 100% of their ingredients are environmentally friendly and 86% are biodegradable.

They have a few options within the 50 SPF broad spectrum.  Behind those cool-designed bottles full of non-toxic sunblock, there is a sustainability commitment helping to rebuild coral reefs and a good packaging system where they offer refills bags. Yeah!

Price: from $19
Best for: High broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Best Eco-friendly & Non-Toxic Sunscreen in Europe - Eco Elio

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