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Best Sustainable Backpacks For School & Work In Europe

Discover the Finest Sustainable Backpacks for School and Work in Europe

Are you on the lookout for the ultimate sustainable backpacks that effortlessly accommodate all your essentials for school or work? We understand that you need ample space for your devices such as laptops, tablets, along with room for snacks and even gym clothes. But that's not all – your new backpack should exude style and minimalism, making it a versatile choice for company events, internships, or even job interviews.

Rest assured, our handpicked selection of sustainable backpacks below fulfills all your expectations for quality and fashion. Explore a range of exceptional options, including luxurious 100% recycled backpacks, a wide variety of sustainable roll-top designs in a plethora of colors, and even some remarkable eco backpacks crafted from cork!

By opting for these sustainable backpacks, you embrace a responsible lifestyle while showcasing your impeccable taste. Each backpack on our list is thoughtfully designed to meet your needs while ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Don't settle for ordinary backpacks when you can make a statement with sustainable choices. Upgrade to a backpack that not only complements your style but also reflects your commitment to a greener future.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the most eco-friendly backpacks in Europe.

Best Eco-Friendly Sustainable Backpacks In Europe


Your quest to find the most stylish and sustainable roll-top backpack is officially over. The German brand GOT BAG created the world’s 1st eco-friendly backpack made of recycled ocean-impact plastic. That’s right! The brand Collects plastic from the environment with clean-up programs. All eco backpacks are treated with a waterproof coating on the inside and additional water- and dirt-repellent finish on the outside. The brand offers 4 different styles of 100% recycled backpacks in a slew of pastel hues that can match every outfit with ease!

Price: from €159
Best for: sustainable roll-top backpack

Best Eco-Friendly Sustainable Backpacks In Europe - got-bag

The Nomad Nook

Are you in search of a backpack that combines quality, sustainability, and soulful design? Look no further than The Nomad Nook, a brand dedicated to creating remarkable products that embody these principles. Developed entirely in Spain by expert craftsmen artisans, their backpacks promote local development while ensuring durability and meticulous attention to detail.

The Nomad Nook utilizes recycled waxed canvas and vegetable-tanned leather, materials chosen for their sustainability and ability to develop a unique personality over time. Each backpack tells a story, gaining character and charm as it accompanies you on your journeys.

The vegetable-tanned leather process is carried out in a traditional and purely artisanal way, emphasizing harmony and respect for the environment. As the leather ages, it acquires a beautiful patina that is a testament to its individuality and the experiences it has shared with you. Meanwhile, the recycled waxed canvas used in their backpacks is treated to enhance its water resistance, ensuring your belongings stay protected in various weather conditions. With every adventure, the fabric develops a distinct character, making each backpack truly one of a kind.

Price: from €99
Best for: sustainable leather backpack

Best Sustainable Backpacks For School & Work In Europe - El Green Mall


Inspired by the urban lifestyle, the hustle, and the bustle of the big city, Souleway’s most sustainable backpacks for school and work in Europe are equal parts stylish and functional.

The German brand has a very minimal design combined with high-quality materials. With the folded top made of water-repellent canvas and vegetable-tanned leather, you are well-equipped for every occasion! Plus, the sustainable roll-top backpacks which are ethically made in Germany, come in an array of different colors.

Price: from €159
Best for: sustainable roll top backpack and eco-friendly Weekender bags

Best Eco-Friendly Sustainable Backpacks In Europe - souleway


Ulsto’s affordable eco-friendly backpacks are made of Plant-based and durable materials and are processed under fair working conditions in Dresden, Germany. Think GOTS-certified cotton canvas, PET, and cork. Their cords & zippers are produced in Germany. As for the felt, it’s made of fabric from recycled plastic bottles that come from Italy – and cork from Portugal. Plus, the best sustainable rucksacks for work and leisure are available in many colors!

Price: from €159
Best for: sustainable recycled backpacks made of cotton, PET, and cork

Best Eco-Friendly Sustainable Backpacks In Europe - ulsto


If you are on the hunt for the best Eco-friendly Sustainable Backpacks for school & work in Europe that carry a thought-out Scandinavian design, have a look at sandqvist. From hike backpacks to sustainable roll-top backpacks and eco backpacks for school, these options are the perfect everyday companion, wherever you go. Sandqvist is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and uses stellar eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled nylon, and poly to create its versatile lineup.

Price: from €89
Best for: recycled backpacks for hiking and sustainable roll-top backpacks.

Best Eco-Friendly Sustainable Backpacks In Europe - sandqvist


Airpaq offers durable and high-quality upcycled products from car parts! That’s right! Their stylish roll-tops and sustainable drawstring backpacks are made of airbag fabric. The fabric still has the barcodes and the characteristic round seam from its original form. The belts and buckles are made from authentic car parts. Have you ever heard of a more unique sustainable backpack idea?

Price: from €95,95
Best for: sustainable casual backpacks and roll-tops

Best Eco-Friendly Sustainable Backpacks In Europe - airpaq

Ucon Acrobatics

Last, but not least, on our round-up of the best eco-friendly sustainable backpacks for school & work in Europe, ucon-acrobatics. The German, B-certified corporation is BlueSign, Ecologi, and PETA approved! The affordable eco-friendly backpacks have a very minimalistic look and are made of recycled PET bottles. These versatile styles are suitable for any occasion. Whether on the road by bike, shopping, or in the nightlife.

Price: from €99
Best for: sustainable roll-top backpacks

Best Eco-Friendly Sustainable Backpacks In Europe - Ucon Acrobatics
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