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Best Sustainable Boots In Europe For Ethical Winter Looks

Your hunt for the best sustainable boots in Europe is officially over. Between narrowing down the Best European Ethical Clothing Brands, curating affordable lists of Outdoor Sustainable Brands from Europe, on top of rounding up investment-worthy ethical shoe lists, let’s just say that we’ve got winter’s winning cozy formula memorized.

However, if there’s one thing we love the most is investing in timeless, durable, and high-quality sustainable vegan boots with infinite styling possibilities.

We cherry-picked the crème de la crème of ethical women’s boots ranging from Fair Trade recycled PET options and Chelsea boots to hiking boots, ahead.


The Best Ethical & Sustainable Boots In Europe


‘Walk on clouds’ ‘The lightest shoes in the world’ ‘The sneakers that promise to revolutionize the sector'’.... These are just some of the many positive reviews that this innovative brand received from world-renowned magazines ranging from the New York Times to Elle. But why all this excitement? 

YUCCS is using innovative materials such as the so-called Sugarcloud™, entirely made from sugar cane and used for the production of soles. This brand was also the first in Spain to create sneakers made from bamboo, one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world. 

On top of this, the whole YUCCS team is set in Spain and works following the strict EU Labour Laws known for being among the most advantageous in the world for employees’ rights. Talking about their products, YUCCS sells a variety of shoe types, such as sneakers, boots, and even slippers. 

Prices: €85-160
Best for: chelsea boots.

Best Sustainable Boots In Europe For Ethical Winter Looks - Yuccs


Viron is one of our favorite sustainable boots brands in Europe due to the amazing choice of materials. Their ultra-modern footwear line is made from apple skin – with 2 kilos of apple waste, to be exact. The company’s sustainable combat boots and Chelsea boots are vegan and PETA certified and ethically produced in Portugal using plant-based dyes and a resource-efficient closed-loop production system. As for the lining, it’s crafted with corn polymer, recycled PES, PU fibers.

What’s more, the brand offers eco-friendly boots in a slew of colors to rest assured that you’ll certainly find something to match your own personal aesthetic. Keep in mind that the order will arrive packaged in a recycled and biodegradable cardboard box.

Best for: combat boots & chelsea boots

El Green Mall - Viron Boots


Here is another shoe brand on a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry. Sorbas carefully sources all its materials to make sure they are both sustainable and eco-friendly. Buy a pair of winter boots from this brand and you will get a product made from recycled and organic cotton, natural rubber, and plastic taken from our oceans. 

But SORBAS' most iconic material is without a doubt, its faux leather made from cacti! Yes, you read that right, this brand gives you the chance to walk with cacti at your feet. Worth a try, right? Some of the other unique materials used by SORBAS include pineapple fibers and recycled faux leather to double vegans’ happiness. 

This company has a huge variety of shoes for all tastes ranging from elegant Oxford shoes to Chelsea boots and sandals.

Price: €80-180. 
Best for: casual boots.

Best Sustainable Boots In Europe For Ethical Winter Looks in 2023 - Sorbas


In the last few years, Reformation has been putting a real effort into trying to get greener. Even though this brand still has a lot to achieve, it seems to be on the right trajectory. 

Reformation is currently on a mission to source 100% of its fabrics from recycled, regenerative, or renewable materials by 2025.

On top of this, the people behind the brand firmly believe in circular fashion and are hoping to be 100% recyclable by 2030. This will be done through post-consumer take-back solutions and compostability options. Reformation offers a variety of boots for all tastes available in all kinds of colors. 

Price: €300-600.
Best for: bold winter boots.

Best Sustainable Boots In Europe For Ethical Winter Looks - Reformation


Are you on a quest to find the best European sustainable winter boots for all your cold- weather adventures? Thesus’ 4-in-1 Hiking Boot is not only comfy, cozy, and seriously cute, but also s vegan, cruelty-free, and made with recycled ocean plastic. From hiking and foraging to running errands in the city, these shoes will keep you comfy and cozy all year long.

They are handmade in a family-run factory in Portugal in which fairly-paid workers ensured that the sustainable vegan boots are enhanced with sealed water-resistant upper, anti-slip rubber lug sole, and temperature control lining. Did we mention the 10+ color variations?

Price: €164
Best for: hiking boots

El Green Mall - Thesus Boots

Nae Vegan

Nae Vegan’s sustainable vegan boots are the epitome of casually-cool style. The brand uses pineapple leather, cork, Oeko-Tex Certified Ecological Microfiber, and a special “fur” entirely made from organic cotton to create is highly resistant to water and breathable shoes in the most conscious way possible.

Of course, all shoes and accessories are manufactured in certified and ethical factories in Portugal. They have an array of options equipped with eco-friendly, padded moisture- wicking EVA footbed for everyday wear. Think mid-calf boots, Timberland-inspired hiking boots, and military-style ankle boots amongst many others. So rest assured that your next favorite affordable sustainable boots were crafted with the purpose to be an animal-friendly and ecological alternative against human exploitation.

Best for: everyday boots

El Green Mall - Nae Vegan Boots


Reach the end of this paragraph and Vivaia will surely become one of your favorite brands. Let’s start with its name which immediately gives us a clear idea of what this company is after. The double ‘V’ and ‘A’ coming from opposite directions are a representation of the diverse design chosen by Vivaia's client base. The ‘I’ on the other hand, is a symbol for the typical plastic bottle used in the creation of this brand's products. 

With over 14,595,000 plastic bottles recycled to this day, Vivaia’s revolutionary boots are easy to clean, super comfy, and undeniably cute. 

Apart from the many recycled plastic bottles, Vivaia makes use of several sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics. One of these is the innovative EVA, a material produced using sugar cane and fully recyclable. But this is not all. Other unique materials include fabrics made from recycled faux fur, rice husks, and insoles manufactured thanks to a mix of natural artemisia argyi, a perennial plant, and PU foam. Apart from their sustainable winter boots, the brand sells heels, loafers, and more.

Prices: €90-180
Best for: everyday shoes.

Best Sustainable Boots In Europe For Ethical Winter Looks 2023 - Vivaia

Good Guys

The French brand Good Guys is ready to equip your shoe lineup with sustainable vegan boots inspired by your most vivid Western dreams. No worries, though, there are many Chelsea-style options available for minimalists as well. Their top-selling shoes are enhanced with “western-style embroideries” which make the apple skin leather look 100 times more luxurious.

The brand also used corn and recycled microfiber lining which is breathable and anti- bactérial. Each pair is skillfully made in Portugal in a fair trade environment where workers' health and safety are guaranteed. So make sure to add Good Guys to your “ best sustainable boots in Europe” checklist –they are so worth it!

Price: €159
Best for: western boots 

El Green Mall - Nae Vegan Boots


Dating back to 1999, Lanius is one of the best sustainable boots in Europe for Fair Trade vegetable-tanned leather footwear drenched in timeless sophistication with a modern flair. Aside from producing PETA-approved vegan clothing, the Denmark-based company holds many eco certifications including the Global Organic Textile Standard, Organic Content Standard, And Global Recycled Standard.

From sustainable Chelsea boots to high boots and wear-me-everywhere lace boots, all options are crafted skillfully with renewable raw materials, free of pesticides, herbicides, and other poisons. Each pair is completely CO₂-neutralized and made in a Romanian factory which is Fair Wear audited.

Price: €159.90
Best for: everyday boots

El Green Mall - Lanius Boots

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