Non-Fast Fashion Brands for Men - Europe Edition

Non-Fast Fashion Brands for Men - Europe Edition

Here’s your brand new ”non-fast fashion brands for men” checklist for 2023! Aside from streamlining our ethical shoe rotation and making roundups of investment-worthy outdoor sustainable clothing, you can mostly catch us vetting and verifying ethical fashion brands behind the scenes. This includes scouring the internet for the best men's non-fast fashion brands Europe has to offer.

Are they fair-traded? Do they use plant-friendly materials? Are they vegan and cruelty-free? Do they support marginalized communities? How about promoting slow living? Yes, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it! Especially with all the sleazy greenwashing tactics we get to see each and every day. After all, 100 billion garments are produced each year, and 92 million tonnes end up in landfills. We definitely wouldn’t want you to fall victim to this statistic.

So you can rest assured knowing that all the non-fast fashion brands for men below meet our strict eco-centered criteria to a T. On their virtual shelves, you can find affordable ethical men's clothing for all occasions. From top-quality performance wear and sustainable denim to breezy linen shirts, comfy hoodies, and tailored trousers for all your next “this meeting could've been an email” moments.


Best Non-Fast Fashion Brands For Men In Europe


Armed Angels is not only one of the best European non-fast fashion brands for men but also a great destination for stylish women’s clothing. Every piece is 100% eco and fairly produced using durable and otherworldly soft materials like organic linen, organic wool, recycled polyester, Lenzing Modal, and Tencel. The German affordable ethical men's clothing brand is also on a “mission to create cleaner jeans".

The DETOXDENIM collection is crafted with GOTS organic cotton and a growing number of styles with recycled cotton that require little water and harmless chemicals. Seriously, they have everything from slim and straight to tapered and loose as well as shorts! And as soon as they reach the end of their lifecycle, you can send your denim back to them to receive a discount for your next purchase.

Price: from €19.90
Best for: denim

Non-Fast Fashion Brands for Men - Europe Edition - ArmedAngels

Mr Marvis

Mr. Marvis is one of the best non-fast fashion brands Europe has to offer. They solely focus on creating ridiculously comfy, versatile, and eco-conscious trousers, shorts, and tops for work and leisure. This includes swim shorts, fitness-ready shorts as well as “junior” options in a slew of colors. Every product is ethically handmade in Portugal by skilled and experienced craftsmen and - women.

Plus, all are Oeko-Tex certified or GOTS certified and only work with dye houses that comply with EU regulations. Last but not least, Mr.Marvis has a very ambitious goal – to create marvelous garments with zero waste by 2030.

Price: from €69
Best for: trousers, shorts & shirts

Non-Fast Fashion Brands for Men - Europe Edition - Mr Marvis

Colorful Standard

Colorful Standards is among our favorite sustainable men's clothing brands from Europe due to their beautiful aesthetic and amazing eco-centered values. The company produces wardrobe staples soaked in vivid uplifting colors made from organic cotton and recycled merino wool, ethically in Portugal. Yes, even their dyes are Oeko-Tex® certified, and PETA-approved.

People can’t stop raving about their amazingly soft hoodies and joggers but we also love their t-shirts, shirts, socks, and undies. Oh, did we mention their plant-based sunnies? Yes, they exist! That’s definitely not something we see from non-fast fashion brands for men very often.

Price: €35
Best for: hoodies & sweatpants

Non-Fast Fashion Brands for Men - Europe Edition - Colorful Standard

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