Best Brands For Eco-Friendly Sportswear In Spain

The 5 Best Brands For Eco-Friendly Sportswear In Spain

Consider your search for the best eco-friendly sportswear in Spain successful. Because today’s roundup of the best sustainable Spanish sportswear brands is chock full of consciously-made workout staples that are ethically built to last! Luckily for us, indoor and outdoor fitness enthusiasts, there’s an array of activewear brand in Europe that can tick all our quality boxes.

Spanish ecological sportswear, in particular, runs the gamut from recycled leggings and sports bras with built-in support to cozy hoodies and joggers. Time to kiss polyester goodbye for good! Instead of chemical-laden fabrics, the environmentally friendly sports brands in Spain use post-consumer waste, bamboo, and certified organic cotton to keep us comfy, dry, and allergy-free even during the most intense of workouts. Without forgoing style, of course.

Here’s a list of the most noteworthy environmentally friendly sports brands in Spain.

Best Eco-Friendly Sportswear In Spain From Sustainable Sports Brands

The Running Republic

First on the list of sustainable Spanish sportswear brands, The running republic. The Barcelona-based activewear brand offers ultra-technical sportswear for runners of all specializations. You can find tops, bottoms, socks, and accessories, and even customize your own styles for races! Their eco-conscious fabrics, which are mostly recycled, are made ethically in Italy, Spain, and Portugal.
Local sourcing allows The running republic to have full control over the well-being and safety of the workers – and minimize their carbon footprint to boot. What’s more, much like most eco-friendly sportswear in Spain, The running republic takes part in numerous social and environmental initiatives.

Price: From €29,99
Best for: Eco-friendly running sportswear

Best Brands For Eco-Friendly Sportswear In Spain - The Running Republic

Believe Athletics

Believe athletics is a raved-about Spanish ecological sportswear brand that encourages women to believe in themselves! The sustainable Spanish sportswear brand uses clean, fair, and sustainable production processes, almost all of which are centered on the Iberian Peninsula.

On top of that, they only use recycled materials to craft their stylish leggings and sports bras which come in a slew of dopamine-inducing colors. In fact, the Spanish company uses waste from post-production and other industries to create completely new raw materials for yarn production.

What’s more, their garments are created with Skinlife® antimicrobial technology that does not require frequent laundering. As for their suppliers, they are backed up by an array of international certifications such as GOTS, BCI, Global Sustainability, BSCI, Global Recycled Standard, and Oeko-Tex.

Price: From €41,65
Best for: Leggings, sports bras & jumpsuits

Best Brands For Eco-Friendly Sportswear In Spain - Believe Athletics


Granted, Leonisa might not be a brand that solely creates eco-friendly sportswear in Spain, they certainly have many splurge-worthy options. Aside from their figure-flattering lingerie, shapewear, panties, and swimwear, the brand also offers some of the most eco-friendly sportswear in Spain.

Their leggings are created with Copper technology: incorporated copper ions help eliminate odor-causing bacteria. Their signature DuraFit compression fabric ensures, tummy-sculpting compression and enough stretch to tackle all your workout goals –in style! To top it all off, the brand has a treatment plant that helps them treat 100% of the water they use in their processes.

Price: From €45
Best for: Eco-friendly leggings

Best Brands For Eco-Friendly Sportswear In Spain - Leonisa

Act And Be Shop

From eco-friendly sportswear in Spain that is equal parts sustainable and utterly
fashionable, look no further than the Act And Be Shop. The sustainable Spanish sportswear brand offers an array of Comfortable, flattering leggings and sports bra options that are made with recycled fabric and organic cotton.

To prevent waste and landfill pileups, in ActandBe manufactures their Spanish ecological sportswear in reduced quantities and designs exclusive limited editions. Finally, to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint, we avoid transoceanic transport and manufacture our products locally.

Price: From €23.40
Best for: Limited-edition leggings, sports bras, and sweatshirts

Best Brands For Eco-Friendly Sportswear In Spain - act and be shop


Last but not least on our list of eco-friendly sportswear brands in Spain is Leser, a brand that prides itself on creating stylish activewear that's sustainable and ethical. Their range of sportswear includes leggings, sports bras, shorts, and tank tops, all made from recycled materials such as polyester, nylon, and spandex.

What's unique about them is that they use a closed-loop system to recycle water and minimize their environmental impact. They also prioritize fair labor practices and partner with factories that ensure safe and healthy working conditions for their employees.

In addition, Leser's sportswear is designed to be versatile and suitable for a range of activities, from yoga to running to weightlifting. They also offer free shipping within Spain and a 30-day return policy for customers who aren't completely satisfied with their purchases.

Price: From €50
Best for: Sustainable and versatile activewear.

Best Brands For Eco-Friendly Sportswear In Spain - Leser

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