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Best Zero Waste Shops In Europe For A Plastic-Free Life

Granted, going no-plastic is not, by any means, easy. Especially when the world and every single product in it are basically triple-wrapped with plastic (sometimes, literally). However, the best zero waste shops in Europe below will definitely help your sustainability quest.

Unfortunately, is the world's third biggest plastics producer generating around 29.1 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. So given that, In 2020, each person living in the EU generated 34.6 kg of plastic packaging waste on average (and out of these, 13.0 kg were recycled), the right choice is pretty obvious.

You don’t have to make the switch instantly. This is a utopian scenario, we agree. You can, however, find eco-friendly alternatives from local or international plastic-free shops to kick-start your zero-waste journey. Some European packaging-free shops offer reusable razors made from robust materials, while others thrive on creating gorgeous furniture from reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. Then, there are many zero-waste companies in Europe ready to ship refillable and all-natural self-care products as body washes straight to your doorstep.

Read on to discover our favorite European zero-waste shops and make your life a tiny bit more sustainable.

The Best Zero Waste Shops In Europe For Plastic-Free Alternatives


Introducing Beewise, a purpose-driven company that champions sustainable living through conscious choices in everyday product usage. Their commitment to combating plastic pollution is evident in their range of accessible, reusable, non-toxic, and sustainable products. With a firm belief that small changes can have a profound impact on our planet, Beewise is dedicated to inspiring individuals to make mindful choices for a greener world.

Their products are designed to be healthier for both you and the planet. They offer a wide range of eco-friendly alternatives, including a reusable collapsible straw, bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo bars, reusable silicone baking mats, reusable makeup remover pads, and much more. By opting for these sustainable options, you can reduce your plastic waste and contribute to a healthier environment.

What sets Beewise apart is not just their product range but also their packaging. Demonstrating their commitment to the environment, their packaging is completely plastic-free and compostable. This reflects their dedication to minimizing waste and embracing sustainable practices throughout their supply chain.

Whether you're in need of everyday essentials or seeking to make a conscious switch, Beewise provides a reliable source for sustainable alternatives.

Best Zero Waste Stores in Europe For A Plastic Free Life - El Green Mall

We Are Soluto

Lauded as one of the top best zero waste companies in Europe, We Are Soluto believes that “refilling is the new recycling.” That’s why they decided to create a hand soap and body wash that eliminates the unnecessary production, storage, and transport of water and plastic. The starter kit comes with the infinitely-reusable Soluto bottle and a wash Refill equivalent to 400ml of body or hand wash.

You can also use your own bottle if you prefer. Once you run out, you simply order a powder refill. Of course, just like all our favorite zero-waste brands in Europe, the Spanish brand We Are Soluto uses high-quality natural ingredients and 100% recycled paper cardboard, with an FSC® certificate of sustainability to ship your order with zero waste.

Price: starter kit from €11,50
Best for: zero-waste hand and body wash

Best Zero Waste Shops In Europe - We Are Soluto



If you are looking for the best zero-waste shops in Europe to enhance your home with sustainable wood furniture and eco-friendly home decor, Hannun is for you! Currently, they offer a fantastic reclaimed wood collection that not only reduces the demand for virgin wood but also prevents the wood from ending up as waste in any landfill.

The Spanish Certified B corporation also launched an entire line made of post-industrial plastic. That’s not all. The entire team works remotely to make products on demand. This avoids the need to rent and maintain facilities. Yes, furniture, decoration, lighting, textiles, and art are all created after you place an order to minimize unwanted stock. How darn cool is that?

Price: from 29 €
Best for: reclaimed wood furniture

 Best Zero Waste Shops In Europe - Hannun


Shoreline Shaving

Shoreline Shaving is a UK-based plastic-free shop with a simple yet powerful mission. To help conscious folks discover the eco-friendly way of shaving. First, you’ll need a reusable safety razor that’s designed to last a lifetime all while limiting the chances of ingrown hairs and razor burn. Then, you can opt for the Double-Edge Razor Blades packs that are made of Superior Stainless Steel.

However, if you are a first-timer, you can always choose eco-friendly shaving kits for men & women. They with a reusable eco-safety razor, plastic-free shaving soap, replacement blades, a travel bag, and a recyclable gift box. No matter your choice, the packaging-free shop with deliver your order neatly packed in 100% recyclable packaging.

Price: from €19,95
Best for: reusable razors

Best Zero Waste Shops In Europe - Shoreline Shaving
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