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Bamboolik DUO | Diaper Cover | Color: Celestial Animals + Brown, Closure: Velcro closure

Bamboolik DUO | Diaper Cover | Color: Celestial Animals + Brown, Closure: Velcro closure

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Reusable Diaper Cover DUO

The water repellent layer of cloth diaper that keeps everything dry. Urine and stool stay nicely inside.

Diaper overpants, which you put on over the inserts of our AI2 DUO diaper system or over any other diaper (for example, also over the classic muslin diaper). Inside there are four tabs where you can easily insert the inserts. 

Why are there 2 different prices for the diaper overpants?

You can choose between two pattern types of our diaper overpants: the "inverse" and the "classic".

The "inverted" or "inverse" overpants have the same shape and functionality as the classic overpants. The difference is only in the design. Our classic diaper overpants are solid color on the main part and patterned on the ears. Since 2021, we have listened to the wishes of our customers and added the reverse design to our portfolio: Diaper Overpants with the patterned main part and with solid color ears. Since the patterned material is more expensive, the price of the reversed diaper overpants is also slightly higher.

Water repellent does not mean hedgehogite!

Modern overpants are water repellent, but still breathable. Baby's skin can breathe well with these overpants and won't get sore (as so often happens with disposable diapers). From our own experience and the experience of our customers, we can honestly say that baby's skin very rarely gets sore in cloth diapers. In other words, forget about sore bottoms!

One Size - growing with the child

Overpants fit from birth to potty training (approximately from 4 to 15 kg). Overpants can be made smaller (for smaller babies) or larger (for toddlers) using the snaps on the front, depending on your needs. 

Double leg cuffs for the 100% reliability. 

The more trim, the better protection against the possible leakage.  The overpants have a cuff also on the back - great protection against leakage from bowel movements. 


In our opinion, Velcro is more universal, because the Velcro is on the whole abdomen. This means that you can close the overpants exactly as you only need at that specific moment (to the millimeter). With the snap fasteners you can button these overpants only where a snap fastener is prepared. On the other hand, it takes longer for the children to learn to unbutton the overpants with snaps - you need more strength to do it. (But children learn this variant quite quickly, too. 12 Don't worry - it's just one of the stages that doesn't take too long).


Those that you just want! The following fit best there:
  • AI2 DUO insoles
  • Insoles made of organic cotton with the GOTS certification
  • Multi-layer inserts made of organic cotton or so-called prefold - multi-layer diaper made of the cuddly soft musli
Why Bamboolik?

We are regional. All our products are made in the Czech Republic, mostly in the protected workshops. We buy the materials in the Czech Republic. If it is not possible, we buy the materials in Europe. We think that an ecological product that has to travel across the "whole" world to us is just insanity.


Please wash before first use. Wash at max. 60°C. No softeners, not suitable for tumble drying, no ironing (this can damage the waterproof coating).

ATTENTION: Do not hand wash the products with the lamination, especially do not "rub" them. This may damage the waterproof coating. All details about the care of the overpants can be found in this article.


100% polyester (with PU coating). Trim: 100% polyester (fleece). Rubber: Lastin - 100% polyurethane.

Care Instructions

Please wash before first use. Wash at max. 60°C. No soft fabrics, not suitable for tumble dryer, no ironing (the waterproof coating can be damaged with it).

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