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Bamboolik DUO | Pocket Diaper - Absorbing Insert | Color: Heavenly Animals

Bamboolik DUO | Pocket Diaper - Absorbing Insert | Color: Heavenly Animals

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Pocket diaper DUO with insert

Diapering with cloth diapers is not easy? Yes it is!

With our pocket diaper really everyone can do it - this pocket diaper is put on just as easily as the disposable diaper. The cloth diaper "all in one" - quickly put on and go (actually more like crawl :-)).

One-size pocket diaper can be used during the whole diapering period (approximately from 3.5 to 15 kg). Thanks to four rows of snaps on the front, this pocket diaper can be conveniently enlarged or reduced as needed.

Why is the Bamboolik pocket diaper so unique?
  • It has a perfect cut. The double leg cuffs assure the reliability of this pocket diaper. If you are already familiar with Bamboolik's overpants, you will know why the double leg cuffs are so great. Following comments from our testers: "This pocket diaper is "bulletproof". Ferrari among cloth diapers!"
  • This is a completely universal cloth diaper! The waterproof Pocket is lined with the bamboo terry cloth, which has a great absorbency. This feature is very helpful for the kids who pee a lot (so especially for the little boys a big plus :-)). This material is instantly absorbent, so nothing leaks.
  • This cloth diaper can be put on even at night! (With the older children then even more absorbent pads).
  • The pocket diaper insert is similar to the insert from our AI2 system. One side of it is Stay-Dry, the other side is from the bamboo. If you want the dryness feeling for your baby, then do not put this insert in the pocket, just put it on the pocket, and the Stay-Dry layer will remain the direction skin.
OUR TIP: Stay-Dry we recommend for the newborns or for the older children during the sleep, the long car ride, etc., or for the babies who have a sensitive skin to the wetness.
  • Pocket diaper will dry quickly! If you have ever use the usual pocket diapers on the market (when really "all in one"), you already know that more soaker pads sewn to a pocket then dry for an eternity. A dryer can't help in this case because you can't put the water-repellent material of the Pockets in the dryer. But with the Bamboolik pocket diaper, the situation is completely different! No long drying - in fact, Pocket diaper soaker pad is suitable for dryer and Pocket itself is capable of drying in a few hours.
  • Pocket diaper has a perfect cut thanks to our long experience in making cloth diapers - it is simply "bulletproof". Our pocket diaper insert also has a practical cut - the back side has been enlarged to fit baby's bottom nicely. (If you put the Stay-Dry variant to the skin, then the bottom stays completely dry).
  • You can put other absorbent pads in the pocket as needed. Such as inserts from our AI2 system, different gauze diapers...just something you have available at home.
  • Not only an easy use, but another benefit - it makes a very small package, so no more super-sized package on baby's bottom! Properly dressed pocket diaper allows baby to move freely (hip joints), which is very important for proper psychomotor development.
Attention. This pocket diaper was made from the Czech, or European materials in the Czech Republic.  In the article about the social enterprise you can read more information about our production and the responsible company.

Proper care of the pocket diapers:

Wash all parts of the pocket diaper together (do not forget to unbutton the inserts from the pocket), 60 degrees and a long washing program. The soaker pads may be put in the dryer, the Pockets only so air dry. Please manipulate with the pockets really delicately because of the water-repellent layer! DO NOT hand wash (this could destroy the lamination), DO NOT dry near a heat source (heater) or in the sun.


Pocket diaper: Inner layer: 85% viscose from bamboo cell fiber, 15% polyester. Outer layer: 100% polyester (with PU coating). Insert: 1st layer: 80% viscose from bamboo cell fiber, 20% polyester; Other layers: 100% polyester.

Care Instructions

Please wash before first use. Wash at max. 60°C. No soft fabrics, not suitable for tumble dryer, no ironing (the waterproof coating can be damaged with it).

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