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Bamboolik Washable Cleaning Pads with Ribbon | Variant: Set of 10 + Laundry Bag + Gift Box

Bamboolik Washable Cleaning Pads with Ribbon | Variant: Set of 10 + Laundry Bag + Gift Box

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Washable cleaning pads made of organic cotton. 
Set of 10, individually or with practical laundry bag. Also available as a gift box in the recycled cardboard box. A perfect gift for all eco fans!

Why washable cleaning pads?

Because we, in the company Bamboolik, want to avoid the use of the disposable products. The products that are disposable and at the same time used every day means a lot of difficult biodegradable waste for our planet.

We believe that every small step that forces us to an ecological household means a lot. For one could be exactly the washable cleaning pads.

Why organic cotton?

It beautifies the skin and also the nature. When caring for organic cotton, genetically modified seeds, pesticides and artificial fertilizers are not used. Even we have tested that the cleansing pads are suitable for the sensitive skin and for allergy sufferers.

Instructions for use:

The use of cleansing pads is similar to the use of disposable make-up removing pads, but with a difference - after use, cleansing pads are not disposed of in residual waste, but they are washed.

Cleansing pads can be used with all products suitable for skin. Cleaning pads are not suitable for nail polish. Nail polish can not be washed off completely.

The cleansing pads have two layers - one coarse and one fine. The coarse layer has an exfoliating effect, while the fine layer is more suitable for the eye area.

The cleansing pads have a handy band. With this band, the pad simply lies better in the hand. Thus, the pad can no longer slip from your hand and makes every move you make. Both sides can be used. Simply turn the band around and the coarse side is ready for use.

Cleaning pads wash at 60 degrees and can also be dried in the dryer. Do not wash with avivage, it does not wash out completely and could clog cleaning pads. Cleaning pads are small and round :-). It is recommended to wash cleaning pads in a laundry net, so that they all stay together and do not run around in drum :-). You can find more information about maintenance here.

Our cleaning pads are GOTS certified.


100% organic cotton

Care Instructions

Please wash before first use. Wash at max. 60°C.

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