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Reusable Sanitary Pad | Organic Cotton Terry | Velcro Closure, set of 5 - Black + XS Wetbag Pink

Reusable Sanitary Pad | Organic Cotton Terry | Velcro Closure, set of 5 - Black + XS Wetbag Pink

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Reusable Sanitary Pad | Organic Cotton Terry - Set of 5.
An average woman produces 150 kg of hard-to-degrade waste from disposable hygiene products in her lifetime. Do you feel like avoiding it? Here's your chance!
What are the advantages of cloth sanitary napkins?
  • They are incredibly comfortable. While conventional sanitary napkins are made of plastic, our sanitary napkins are made of GOTS certified organic cotton. 
  • Thanks to the organic cotton, our sanitary napkins are more breathable than disposable sanitary napkins, so they are perfect for women who have to deal with recurrent infections or similar problems.
  • They are simultaneously thin and yet absorbent.
  • Our sanitary napkins fit perfectly. Our sanitary napkins are not made of one piece, like other sanitary napkins (including the sanitary napkin flaps). In our bandages, the wings are attached and separated from each other by a hem around the body of the bandage. Thus, nothing can leak and get on the flĂĽgel, thus our sanitary napkins always remain firmly in place.
Sanitary napkin made of organic cotton.
When to use the sanitary napkin? 
Our cloth sanitary napkin is a hygiene item that is suitable for the day, and for the night you will probably need something more absorbent (such as our night cloth sanitary napkin). For the end of menstruation you can use our organic cotton panty liner.
It fits very well for the late postpartum, (at the beginning of the postpartum should better fit our night cloth sanitary napkin).
Cloth pads are good fit even for incontinent.
Large - cloth sanitary napkin made of organic cotton. 


Absorbent layers: 100% organic cotton. Base layer: 100% laminated polyester. Wings: 100% polyester.

Care Instructions

Before washing, we soak our cloth sanitary napkins in cold water (sometimes with a pinch of salt). It is best to put the washable sanitary napkins in ice-cold water overnight or for several hours. Pour out the water and then immediately put the sanitary napkins in the washing machine. Choose a long wash program and wash at 60°C. Washable sanitary napkins can be put in the dryer.

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