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Bamboolik Organic Cotton | Short Insert | Pieces in Set: 3 pcs.

Bamboolik Organic Cotton | Short Insert | Pieces in Set: 3 pcs.

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Organic cotton short soaker insert.

The Mercedes among diaper liners - GOTS certified organic cotton liners! 

With an organic cotton diaper, you're saving the environment twice - first, because you're using washable diapers instead of disposables, and second, because you've chosen a more sustainable material.


A short absorbent pad increases the absorbency of any diaper system.

Simply slip it into the pocket of a molded organic cotton liner and then place it inside a diaper cover. This gives them an unbeatable diaper with incredible absorbency.

Or put them in any diaper as needed (pocket diaper, night diaper, tie diapers, ...). Fully combinable with our AI2 DUO diaper system.

Did you know?
  • GOTS certification means the best quality in terms of organic cotton, both in materials and sustainability.
  • - There are very strict rules for cotton fields where GOTS certified organic cotton is grown: No herbicides, no pesticides (are increasingly used in conventional cotton cultivation). This has consequences for the material itself - the cotton end products have no residues of chemicals - but also for the environment - the soil and water in the surrounding area are not polluted.
  • GOTS certified cotton fields must not be a monoculture. That is, every few years the crop rotation must be changed. This is so that the soil does not tire and can always store new nutrients. (In conventional cotton cultivation, the soil is often used so much that it is literally dead - nutrient-poor).
  • The production of GOTS-certified cotton fibers is also subject to strict rules. Especially in the chemical treatment of the fibers, which should make them strong and more resistant. Not using chemicals is not only beneficial for the actual fiber, but also for the workers. In conventional cotton production, workers are often exposed to so many chemicals that it can be harmful to their health.
  • With GOTS certified organic cotton, you are guaranteed that all workers involved in the process are paid fair wages.
Are you diapering with cotton diapers for the first time?

Then be prepared for their special properties: don't expect the diapers to be fluffy and super soft all the time. It's a natural material, and as such, it's never as sturdy as man-made materials (like polyester). Organic cotton diapers can become a bit stiff after washing, lose their softness and most likely shrink a bit. We already take the latter into account in our production. When you receive your new organic cotton diapers, they seem huge! You may be thinking "This will never fit in the overpants!" Or "It will make my baby's bottom enormously fat!" All of these might cross your mind. Don't let that scare you away! After washing, organic cotton diaper liners shrink and shrink in size. Don't worry about the absorbency, it will actually increase) And if you still feel like they're a little too big, try the newborn folding technique, which really fits any baby, no matter how small. We tried this out for them once!

Not in the mood for organic cotton after reading this? Then take a look at our standard AI2 DUO diaper line - short insert is available here.


100% organic cotton

Care Instructions

Please wash before first use. Wash at max. 60°C.

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