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Bamboolik Reusable Night Pad / Postpartum Pad | Satin & Organic Cotton | Color: Blue |Variant: Push Button

Bamboolik Reusable Night Pad / Postpartum Pad | Satin & Organic Cotton | Color: Blue |Variant: Push Button

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Reusable pads for the night or for the postpartum period.

Why should I use cloth pads?
  • THEY ARE BREATHABLE. This is an essential feature when you use pads for long periods of time (overnight) or during heavy bleeding (postpartum period). Disposable sanitary pads are mostly made of synthetic materials that cannot compete with cloth in terms of breathability. Breathable sanitary napkins = comfortable (and pleasant) pads, which are also an excellent prevention against gynecological inflammation.
  • THEY FIT PERFECTLY. We designed night sanitary napkins to fit the shape of the body, fit comfortably in the panties and at the same time their wings give support. The wings are sewn separately to the body of the pad and the pad is not cut from one piece. As a result, nothing can run down the wings. The front and back of the night sanitary pads are extended, so you can always rely on them, whether you like to sleep on your stomach or back.
  • RELIABILITY. The sanitary napkin has a waterproof layer (made of so-called PUL - a membrane-like material that ensures water impermeability and breathability at the same time). The body of the sanitary napkin is lined with a thin satin strip (including the seams on the wings), so nothing leaks out of the pads. A high level of absorbency is provided thanks to organic cotton absorbent fleece inside the pad.
  • Layers Reusable Overnight / Maternity Pad Bamboolik
How should I use the reusable overnight / maternity pad?
  • Just like any other disposable sanitary pad of this type. It is not rocket science!
  • We recommend washing the pads before the first use. (Don't be surprised if the pad shrinks a little in the process, we take this into account in the manufacturing process. This fixes its shape and prevents it from shrinking further).
  • Place the sanitary napkin in the panties with the printed (satin) side up (printed side = touch side) and secure it with the wings.
  • Replace the pad as often as you like - as often as you would replace a disposable pad.
  • You should wash the used pads in the washing machine at 60 °C after menstruation (after 4 days at the latest) and dry them in the tumble dryer. We recommend soaking the pads in cold water for a few hours before washing.
  • In the first days after birth (when the uterus discharges the so-called postpartum flow), your bleeding will most likely be very heavy. Therefore, we recommend that you soak and wash your pads more frequently (but this is only the case for about the first week of the postpartum period. Bleeding is not much different from normal menstruation in the following weeks).
  • For more information on how to care for sanitary pads, see the article How should I wash cloth sanitary pads?
  • You can also use the cloth sanitary pads if you have incontinence problems.
How many pads will I need?

The menstrual cycle lasts for different lengths of time, as does the duration or strength of bleeding after childbirth. The absorbency of cloth pads is at least as good (if not better) than that of disposable pads. That's why the number of pads you need is similar.

As for the postpartum period, the flow is usually heaviest during the first two weeks after birth. For the second half of the postpartum period, a regular cloth pad will probably suffice, and even a washable cloth panty liner for the end of the postpartum period (both types of pads can be used later when your cycle resumes after birth).

Size of night pads / postpartum pads:

See picture for size.

An alternative to the satin night pads / postpartum pads are the organic cotton terry night pads / postpartum pads. How do they differ from each other?
  • The satin sanitary napkin is more absorbent because it has one more layer. It is our most absorbent cloth sanitary napkin.
  • The satin sanitary napkin holds its shape better.
  • The terry cloth sanitary napkin is softer and the material is more supple.
One more thing. Our cloth sanitary napkins are sewn for you by mothers with young children or single mothers in our social sewing workshop. By women for women! :-)


Absorbent layers: 75% organic cotton, 25% cotton. Base layer: 100% laminated polyester. Wings: 100% cotton.

Care Instructions

Before washing, we soak our cloth sanitary napkins in cold water (sometimes with a pinch of salt). It is best to put the washable sanitary napkins in ice-cold water overnight or for several hours. Pour out the water and then immediately put the sanitary napkins in the washing machine. Choose a long wash program and wash at 60°C. Washable sanitary napkins can be put in the dryer.

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