We are a Berlin-based Green Marketplace matching sustainable
brands with conscious consumers. We thrive on finding exceptional sustainable brands that offer eco-friendly alternatives to day-to-day products.

Our passion is to help consumers access sustainable products
and enhance the exposure of small and medium-sized ethical brands. 

We know every time you want to buy something, the challenge of looking through endless sustainable alternatives, feels heavier and heavier.

We believe the sustainable market should be accessible to
everyone. How privileged the access currently is, generates it to become an elitist topic.

El Green Mall - Mission

Sustainability for everyone


Democratize the sustainable market making it accessible to everyone by:

  • Simplifying consumer access to sustainable products and education.
  • Giving ethical brands a platform for visibility.
El Green Mall - Vision

green Shopping without the hassle


Be the go-to place for conscious consumers.

El Green Mall - Values

No Greenwashing


Sustainability: We base all our decisions on the three pillars of sustainability: Environmental, Social and Economic. 

Empathy: Putting ourselves in the shoes of all our stakeholders. 

Transparency: We are open about our goals, brands, beliefs and even about our mistakes. 

Justice: We act with respect for the truth.

Visibilizing sustainable brands

Our Brands

Each category has different elements to assess its commitment to sustainability.

For example, in the textile industry we look for certified materials such as GOT-Certified. While in cosmetics, we look for vegan and cruelty-free products.

Click below to learn about our criteria.

Our Criteria