Buyer Policy

Buyer Policy

One of our main objectives is to offer you, the buyer on our platform, a great purchase experience and excellent customer service, while keeping the impact on the planet as low as possible. In order for us to be able to reach this objective, we ask for your help: please take note of the following principles when ordering on El Green Mall Marketplace. Enjoy your experience!

I. Withdrawal

As a private buyer, you are entitled to a right of cancellation and return within the cancellation period from commercial dealers. The seller specifies the cancellation period in his cancellation policy. You can find the cancellation policy of the sellers in their pages at El Green Mall. The revocation must be addressed to the seller.

In the event of a cancellation, please return the product at your own cost unless the seller states the contrary. Send the item to the seller by registered mail or by parcel so that if it is lost in the post you can provide proof of the return. The reimbursement of the resulting return postage is regulated by the seller's cancellation policy, if applicable, the purchase amount will be refunded only when the seller has confirmed receipt of the product(s). Note: if the El Green Mall team or the seller, deems the product to be used, a refund is not applicable.

II. El Green Mall Service

If an item is lost in the post, El Green Mall will refund the full purchase price including postage, subject to the following provisions.

Discrepancies due to an item not received must be reported to El Green Mall at within two weeks of the end of the agreed delivery period . At a later point in time, it is often not possible for us or the seller to understand how or where the item might have been lost.

El Green Mall will not refund the purchase price if:

  1. The buyer has not notified the non-receipt in good time, or
  2. The seller can prove receipt of the item by presenting a delivery confirmation.

Your legal warranty rights towards the seller are not affected by the above provisions.

III. Return of Items

If you want to return an item you have purchased to the seller for other reasons, please first open a complaint and coordinate further modalities with El Green Mall. Please send the item to the seller by registered mail or parcel, so that you can provide proof of the return if it is lost.