Co-founder of El Green Mall participates at event, sharing insights on sustainable brands

Co-founder of El Green Mall participates at event, sharing insights on sustainable brands

Berlin, Germany - October 27, 2023 - Federica Moreno, co-founder of El Green Mall, a pioneering sustainable marketplace, delivered a captivating presentation titled "Small Brands, Big Dreams: Supporting Sustainable Entrepreneurs" at the renowned event held at MotionLab.Berlin. The event, recognized as the world's fastest-growing meetup, provided an exceptional platform for the co-founder of El Green Mall to share her expertise and insights on making sustainable products more accessible while championing ethical brands.

During her presentation, Moreno highlighted the genesis of El Green Mall, tracing its roots to her journey toward sustainability after relocating to Berlin six years ago. She recounted the challenges she and her co-founder, Nacho, faced in navigating the landscape of sustainable products, citing the prevalence of greenwashing and the daunting task of discerning truly ethical brands.

"We realized that leading a sustainable lifestyle can also be kind of frustrating, especially when wanting to purchase something new," Moreno remarked. "Every time we wanted to buy something, we would spend hours researching brands and products only to conclude that many times the brands had shady sustainable claims."

Driven by a mission to democratize the sustainable market, El Green Mall aims to simplify conscious shopping by curating a diverse selection of European sustainable brands while ensuring transparency and accountability through a rigorous Sustainability Verification Process.

"One of the things that holds people back from purchasing from sustainable brands is the overwhelming amount of information and the lack of accessibility," Moreno explained. "Our goal is to bridge this gap and empower consumers to make informed choices while supporting small and medium-sized sustainable businesses."

In her presentation, Moreno underscored the importance of supporting sustainable entrepreneurs, shedding light on the challenges they face, including sourcing eco-friendly materials, navigating certification processes, and competing with larger corporations with substantial marketing budgets.

"We know about the importance of supporting small businesses in general, but for sustainable entrepreneurs, the challenges are multiplied," Moreno emphasized. "They invest in high-quality, conscious materials while grappling with limited resources for marketing and certifications."

Addressing the role of large corporations in the sustainability landscape, Moreno encouraged consumers to consider the broader implications of their purchasing decisions and recognize the power of collective action in driving meaningful change.

"While large corporations play a significant role, consumers also wield considerable influence through their choices," Moreno asserted. "By supporting sustainable brands, consumers not only contribute to environmental conservation but also uphold principles of fair labor and ethical production practices."

As El Green Mall continues to expand its platform and advocate for sustainability, Moreno expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals and organizations at the event.

"I am truly honored to have shared our journey and insights at such a nice event," Moreno stated. "Together, we can create a more sustainable future by amplifying the voices of ethical brands and fostering a culture of conscious consumption."

About El Green Mall

El Green Mall is the first sustainable pan-European digital marketplace bringing truly sustainable products to environmentally conscious consumers. Founded in 2023 in Berlin, its mission is to democratize the sustainable marketplace by making it accessible to everyone and simplifying access to sustainable products, as well as amplifying responsible businesses. Its vision is to be the go-to place for conscious consumers. El Green Mall features tens of brands and a variety of categories, from self-care and fashion to house and tech accessories. Each brand accepted on the platform must prove its sustainability credentials across five key pillars (Slow Production, Planet Friendly Materials, Fair Supply Chain, Vegan & Cruelty-Free, and, Giving Back), giving shoppers the peace of mind of making a truly sustainable purchase.

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