Our Story

A journey towards conscious consumption

Our trip with sustainability began when we moved to Germany; inspired by Berlin's sustainable infrastructure, its climate protection initiatives, and mix with our love for nature, we embarked on a quest for a more conscious lifestyle, trying to find sustainable alternatives to everyday items like blankets, makeup, clothes, or even a simple lighter. However, what we thought to be the beginning of a smooth sail toward sustainability, quickly turned out to be a bumpy and rocky ride.

Despite hours of research on brands, products, and websites, it was actually not that easy to find high quality options that would converge with our lifestyle change. Not to mention most sustainable claims are just not genuine. We were sure there had to be exceptional sustainable brands out there; we were only struggling to find them.

So we teamed up to investigate things further and understand how to bridge that gap.

After extensive research, we concluded that small and medium-sized sustainable brands struggled to find a place in the market. The big brands' marketing budgets dominate the market, making it challenging for both, consumers who are willing to discover small ethical brands and sustainability-driven entrepreneurs who are fresh in the market.

The sustainable movement is gaining momentum, and although it is fantastic that more people are paying attention to climate change, it also means that many big corporations are jumping on the trend, releasing "eco-friendly products" that often fall short of ethical and sustainable practices as a whole. As a result, small brands are likely to be left in the shadows with no billboards or sponsored content to promote their products. And that’s when we realized we could address such a gap in the market. 

After understanding the problem was impacting both sides, we concluded a marketplace would be the perfect solution to help conscious consumers and ethical brands find each other. Yes, we made a bold decision here. I left my corporate job so I could dedicate myself fully to El Green Mall. And I am proud to tell you today that's how El Green Mall was born. We are building a revolutionary concept of democratizing the sustainable market by simplifying the access to sustainable products and providing small and medium-sized ethical brands with a platform for appreciation and visibility. 

During our journey, we got in touch with incredible entrepreneurs who are out there working tirelessly to offer ethical products and create a fair market. We thank them for their unwavering commitment to the possibility of a fair market and for embracing the contradictions that sometimes arise in the movement.

You are our biggest inspiration source!

At El Green Mall, we understand the importance of offering sustainable products that meet our customer's needs and values. We have thoroughly reviewed all the brands on our platform to guarantee the accuracy of their practices and values. Additionally, we invite our customers to be our final auditors. If you have any questions, complaints, or comments about the accuracy of any brand, please don't hesitate to send us a message.

El Green Mall is built for you - and with you.

Let's work together to democratize the sustainable market and make it accessible to everyone. We firmly believe in a sustainable future and are committed to making it happen.

El Green Mall, the go-to place for conscious consumers.

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