Best eco-friendly sports bra in Europe made from organic cotton

Best eco-friendly sports bra in Europe made from organic cotton

Finding the right eco-friendly sports bra is a challenging endeavor. You have to make sure the size is right, you get a supportive adjustable band, comfortable thick shoulders. The list goes on and on. If you add to the mix a flattering design and an eco-friendly brand, the mission may seem truly impossible. But no need to despair, we are coming to the rescue! 

Here are our top five brands selling high-quality sports bras made from the most eco-friendly materials on the market.

Our Top Five Eco-Friendly Sports-Bra Brands Now On The Market

Off With Nature

100% sustainable and 100% organic, Off With Nature’s products are a great choice if your aim is to reduce your impact on our planet. This brand uses only organic cotton grown without the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers damaging our environment. Organic cotton sports bras also means way less water consumption as, thanks to crop rotation, fields get enough time to regain healthy nutrients and are therefore in less need of water. 

But taking care of our planet is not enough! Off With Nature also makes sure that all its employees work in an ethical and safe environment and receive fair retribution for their jobs. To do so, this brand collaborates with several third-party companies that routinely check workers’ conditions. 

Off With Nature sells a variety of comfortable sports bras available in many bright colors at an affordable price. 

Price from: 19,00€.
Why do we like them: 100% organic cotton sports bra, ethical work conditions for all workers.

Best eco-friendly sports bra in Europe made from organic cotton - Off with Nature 

Organic Basics 

Bralettes, tank bras, triangle bras… Organic Basics has a type of bra for all of us! All Organic Basics’ products are designed in Copenhagen and produced in one of the many factories collaborating with this brand. With production facilities located in Faridabad in India, Mynia in Egypt, and Phy Kim village in Vietnam, this brand employs a number of women and men giving them fair wages and the opportunity to work in a safe and ethical environment. 

Organic Basics uses the most eco-friendly materials on the market and it's extremely transparent when it comes to its environmental impact on our planet. This is why this company decided to collaborate with Made2Flow, an association whose aim is to assess the impact of each one of Organic Basics’ garments. Whenever you buy a product from this brand, you will find the exact total carbon footprint of your purchase. 

Price from: 25,00€
Why do we like them: Huge variety of sustainable bras, extreme transparency about the carbon footprint of each of their products.

Best eco-friendly sports bra in Europe made from organic cotton - Organic Basics 

Colorful Standard 

This company is among our favorites thanks to the vast variety of bright and vibrant colors available for each one of their products. But of course, Colorful Standard is not only committed to offering the best colors in the fashion industry but to doing so sustainably. This brand uses 100% organic cotton, recycled merino wool, and other eco-friendly materials, such as recycled polyester. In particular, their bras are made from 90% recycled polyester and 10% Elastane. 

Another main priority of Colorful Standard is the well-being of its workers. This is why all its employees are based in Portugal and work under the strict EU Labor Laws, providing some of the best working conditions in the world. The doors of Colorful Standard's factory are always open, so if you’re in the area don’t be shy and go have a look at the brand’s behind the scenes!

Pricefrom: 55,00€
Why do we like them: Great variety of colors, entirely made in Europe. 

Best eco-friendly sports bra in Europe made from organic cotton - Colorful Standard

Alo Yoga 

There is a reason why celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, and Hailey Baldwin choose this brand. Alo Yoga is 100% sweatshop-free, meaning that this company is fully coercion-free and provides fair compensation to all its workers all over the world. This is a WRAP-certified brand, complying with all of WRAP’s 12 ethical principles, including freedom of association and collective bargaining, fair work hours, prohibition of child labor, and more.

Alo Yoga is also trying to diminish its environmental impact on the planet by using low-water dyes and installing solar panels at its headquarters in LA. This brand has an incredible variety of bras that provide great support without the usual discomfort that often comes with fast fashion. 

Price from: 60,00€
Why do we like them: A WRAP-certified brand with a great variety of products. 

Best eco-friendly sports bra in Europe made from organic cotton - Alo Yoga


Lotuscraft’s main aim is to create connections among yogi and mindful people in the creation of a peaceful community of like-minded individuals in contrast with our materialistic and fast-paced society. 

To do so, this brand decided to manufacture a variety of products often used in yoga and meditation practices by adhering to the strictest sustainability standards. Lotuscraft only uses fair-organic cotton under the internationally recognized GOTS label. This cotton is grown with non-toxic fertilizers that, unlike common pesticides, are not damaging to our environment. 

On top of this, Lotuscraft is trying to reduce its plastic consumption by avoiding this material in its packaging whenever possible. 

Price from: 27,00€
Why do we like them: A mindful mission, GOTS labeled cotton.

Best eco-friendly sports bra in Europe made from organic cotton - Lotuscrafts 

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