Best Ethical Shoe Brands: Boots, Sandals, Sneakers.

Best Sustainable Shoe Brands Europe Has To Offer

Looking for the best ethical shoe brands Europe has to offer? Whether you are ready to finally let yourself re-adopt the old-time-classic vegan leather boots or scouring the internet for ridiculously versatile eco sneakers, we’ve got all your footwear-related needs covered.

Our all-encompassing list of ethical footwear brands features options from companies that ensure their workers have fair wages and environmentally safe working conditions. Plus, they solely focus on eco-conscious, cruelty-free materials. Some are women-owned while others thrive on supporting marginalized communities. One thing is certain; this European sustainable shoe brands list will help you expand your sartorial horizon while keeping the Earth and all its inhabitants happy.

We cherry-picked the most noteworthy European sustainable women's shoe brands that definitely deserve to be on your shopping radar, ahead.


The Best Ethical Shoe Brands From Europe


Looking for the finest sustainable shoe brands in Europe? Look no further! We are thrilled to introduce Agazi, an ethical footwear brand that perfectly aligns with your values and style preferences. What sets Agazi apart is their groundbreaking use of apple skin in crafting their products.

Agazi is dedicated to producing conscious footwear made from cruelty-free materials, enabling you to contribute to saving the planet, one step at a time. They employ innovative materials that minimize their environmental impact, such as cactus leather, grape leather, corn, and, notably, apple leather.

At Agazi, fashion transcends passing trends and corporate politics. They embrace independent style and foster the creation of circular, aesthetically pleasing fashion that withstands the test of time. By encouraging free creation and free thinking, Agazi steers clear of the pitfalls of seasonal sales and mass production. Their unwavering commitment is to protect the planet, the environment, and people, with every step they take.

Price: $$
Best for: sustainable sneakers

Best Sustainable Shoe Brands You Can Find In Europe - Agazi



Corail's hyper-versatile sneakers are handmade exclusively of recycled or natural materials in an artisanal workshop near Porto, Portugal. In fact, 50% of that material is recycled plastic bottles collected by a crew of fishermen in the sea off Marseille. Each step of the manufacturing process is made by hand by craftsmen with years of experience in the shoe industry. Peta-approved vegan and cruelty-free, the dazzling line-up of responsible sneakers feeds into every minimalist’s dreams with mostly black and white colorways and subtle hints of dopamine-inducing color.

Price: $$
Best for: Sneakers

El Green Mall - Corail


Cariuma is one of the most universally-loved ethical shoe brands from Europe. Basically, they’ve managed to create the ultimate travel sneakers. Utterly comfortable, sustainable, and all-year-round appropriate, every pair is consciously crafted from recycled plastic bottles and various earth-sourced materials.

From wear-me-anywhere hi-tops to the raved-about CATIBA Pro that’s a tech-minded take on a skateboarding essential, the options are all in your favor. The brand has equipped each pair with high-performance rubber outsoles and bio-based memory foams as well as 100% vegan insoles made from organic mamona oil and cork. On top of that, Cariuma guarantees that the average wage paid by their supply partners is 79% above the legal minimum and offsets carbon emissions by planting 2 trees for every order, to boot.

Price: $$$
Best for: casual travel shoes
 El Green Mall - Cariuma

Meher Kakalia

If you are looking for whimsical yet surprisingly versatile footwear based on hand embroidery and traditional craftsmanship which is over 400 years old, look no further than Meher Kakalia.

The eco-conscious brand offers a wide range of ballet flats, moccasins, jeweled mules, boots, sandals, and espadrilles inspired by Moghuls’ traditional artistry. In fact, they set up their own workshop in Karachi and solely work by daylight to minimize the use of electricity. While they do use real leather, they strictly materials derived from the food chain and proceed to tan in their own tanneries using natural herbs instead of chemicals.

What’s more, the ethical shoes are adorned with embellishments spun from plastic waste and shipped in recycled cartons. Lastly, Meher Kakalia works with women embroiderers who live quietly in their homes in distant villages, giving them brand-new opportunities.

Price: $$$
Best For: artisanal, embroidered mules, sandals

 El Green Mall - Meher Kakalia


Last but not least - Say hello to your new lustrous eco shoemates. Lauded as one of the best sustainable shoe brands Europe has to offer, Viron crafts ethical footwear made from apple skin – with 2 kilos of apple waste, to be exact.

Inherently cool with a trend-driven edge, you can opt for a slew of different ethical shoes like platform derbies, and boots, as well as recycled nylon and recycled rubber blend sneakers. Also, Viron’s lineup is vegan and PETA certified ethically produced in Portugal using plant-based dyes and a resource-efficient closed-loop production system.

On top of that, the order will arrive packaged in a recycled and biodegradable cardboard box.

Price: $$$
Best For: boots & derbies shoes

El Green Mall - Viron

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