El Green Mall: The Best European Sustainable Marketplace For Eco-friendly Products

El Green Mall: The Best European Sustainable Marketplace For Eco-friendly Products

Mindful consumption. Buy less. Reuse. Create less Waste. Go vegan. Choose local – endless checklists of how to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle surround us every day. You might have meticulously upgraded most aspects of your existence to lead a more sustainable and less-carbon-impact life by opting for consciously made, compostable and long-lasting, zero-waste swaps but it still can pretty stressfull, right?

How Can Our European Eco-Friendly Marketplace Help With That?

It’s simple. We know that every time you want to buy something, the challenge of looking through endless sustainable alternatives, feels heavier and heavier.

Conscious living goes hand in hand with spending hours upon hours collecting information from different sources just to come to the conclusion that many of the brands you’ve trusted have shady sustainable claims.

On other occasions, truly sustainable brands have been left in the shadow of big
corporations jumping into the trend. There are no billboards or sponsored content for small brands...

In other words, despite the urgent need to reduce your environmental footprint, leaving a sustainable lifestyle can be quite a challenge. This never-ending quest of finding amazing ethical brands that are worth our time, money, and support is exactly what fueled El Green Mall. The European sustainable marketplace born in Berlin, serving conscious customers across the entire European Union.

The El Green Mall Mission – A Sustainable Marketplace For All

We believe the sustainable market should be accessible for everyone and how privileged the access currently is, it's generating to become an elitist topic. Even small changes can make a big difference. Yet, many eco-conscious consumers are left behind.

We are a European eco-friendly marketplace on a mission to facilitate access to sustainable living and give small and medium-sized sustainable brands a platform for greater visibility.

Our team works tirelessly to carefully selected the best sustainable brands in the market and bring them all together in one place. Some are well-loved while others are the kind of hidden gem we take pride in introducing first.

How We Choose The Sustainable Brands On El Green Mall

To simplify consumer access to sustainable products and education through our green marketplace, we had to establish 5 criteria based on our core values.

In order to gain a spot on the virtual shelves of El Green Mall, the sustainable marketplace in Europe, each brand must meet at least 3 of the following criteria:

  • Fair Trade.
  • Planet-friendly Materials.
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free.
  • Slow Living.
  • Supporting Marginalized communities.

Of course, each brand or manufacturer must go through a rigorous process.
The process consists of 3 fundamental pillars that guarantee the honest operation of El Green Mall:

  • Initial Investigation.
  • Sustainability Verification Form.
  • Community Feedback.

El Green Mall: The Go-To European Sustainable Marketplace For Conscious Consumers

Along with our commitment to having a positive social, economic, and environmental impact, we want you to gain easy access to a wide range of holistic products for every part of your life. If you can think it up there's a good chance that we'll have it. Shop with confidence knowing that we vet the ethics of every brand and product you see.

To put it simply, we are a European sustainable marketplace focused on making sustainable purchases so normal that we can remove the green from our name. Stay tuned! Our digital doors will open in Mid-April.

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