Best Handmade & Sustainable Scarves, Capes and Ponchos

Best Handmade & Sustainable Scarves, Capes and Ponchos

As our path to work gets decorated with crisp brown leaves, the smell of roasted chestnuts from a nearby street vendor hits our nostrils, and the chatter of kids going to school echoes in our ears, a sudden thought enters our minds: “Fall is finally here. Time to put away those summer dresses and fill our closet with hand-knitted sweaters and boots”. 

Getting our wardrobe ready for the fall can be a fun experience, but realizing we need new items of clothing is often stressful. Maybe it’s time to finally let go of those fluffy socks you’ve already mended three times. Or it may be the year you finally buy those handmade sustainable scarves you’ve been wanting to get for ages. 

If this is the case, you will surely want to find brands that not only sell high-quality products that will last for decades, but that also take care of the environment by using sustainable materials. This is why we decided to create a list of favorite sustainable brands selling handmade sustainable scarves, ponchos, capes, and much more!

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The ultimate destination for the finest handmade and sustainable scarves, capes, and ponchos. Founded by Hugo Nuñez, a Peruvian entrepreneur with a unique upbringing that spanned the diverse landscapes of Peru, from the highlands of Arequipa to the lush Peruvian rainforest and coastal regions. His journey through Peru's varied terrains inspired a deep connection to his country's rich heritage.

In this collection, you'll find the most exquisite scarves, capes, and ponchos made sustainably, reflecting Qumpi's commitment to eco-conscious fashion. They use natural dyes derived from plants like Achiote and Cùrcuma, and their primary material is the luxurious Alpaca Fiber, occasionally blended with Silk for an added touch of elegance. Not by chance, the word Qumpi is used by the Incas to describe the meticulously handcrafted pieces.

Their products are crafted in small to medium batches, ensuring that each of their 10 to 15 garment types lives up to their high standards of quality and sustainability. Beyond fashion, Qumpi believes in giving back. They are actively supporting "Manos Unidas," making a difference in indigenous Amazon communities, and have also contributed to a water well project in Arequipa, the very city where their exceptional products are brought to life.\

Products: Pashminas, socks, scarves, and pullovers.
Price Range: From 30€ for a pair of socks up to 300€ for a high-quality pullover.
Why we love the brand: The softest materials on your skin made from baby alpaca wool and silk. 

Best Handmade & Sustainable Scarves, Capes and Ponchos - Qumpi 


Tentree is a unique brand with a simple mission: Let’s plant trees for every item sold. This company has helped thousands of communities all over the world, from Indonesia to Madagascar, and Nepal by planting trees in their territories. But what about Tentree’s products?

This company offers a variety of colorful scarves made from responsibly sourced wool. This refers to wool sourced from farms that ensure the best standards of animal welfare while preserving the local lands.

Products: Scarfs, sweaters, beanies, and more.
Price Range: From 35€ for a scarf up to 110€ for a sweater.
Why we love the brand: Over 100 million trees planted and 75 million hours of work provided to thousands of communities all over the world.  

Best Handmade & Sustainable Scarves, Capes and Ponchos - Tentree

Colorful Standard 

Colorful Standard was born with the idea of creating simple and fashionable clothing items in an ethical and sustainable way. All Colorful Standard’s products are produced in Portugal, meaning that this brand keeps all its manufacturing processes in the EU, respecting its incredibly strict laws known for providing all employees with one of the best ethical work environments in the world. All the brand’s items are made from 100% organic cotton and 100% recycled merino wool.

Products: Scarfs, oversized hoodies, and merino wool beanies.
Price Range: From 65€ for a scarf up to 120€ for a sweater.
Why we love the brand: Bright colors and environmentally friendly dyes.

Best Handmade & Sustainable Scarves, Capes and Ponchos - Colorful Standard

Rifo Lab

With a variety of colorful handmade sustainable ponchos and capes to choose from, Rifo Lab is the perfect shop to finally get into that fall vibe. 

If your main worry is to not contribute to the exploitation routinely taking place in third-world countries by the hands of the fast industry, this is the brand for you. The entire production of this company is carried out within 30 km from Prato, a small city close to Firenze, in Italy, with the only exception being a supplier based in Spain. Rifo Lab regularly carries out controls to check the conditions of their workers as well as to ensure high-quality textiles are being used in the manufacturing processes. 

This company only opts for natural, biodegradable materials composed of at least 50% recycled fibers.   

Products: Handmade sustainable capes, ponchos, and scarves.
Price Range: From 40€ for a simple cotton scarf up to 100€ for a recycled cashmere poncho.
Why we love the brand: Entirely EU-based, recycled materials, and a great variety of products. 

Best Handmade & Sustainable Scarves, Capes and Ponchos - Rifo Lab

More Than Hip

More Than Hip offers a good variety of scarves and shawls made with bamboo fibers and yak wool. Known as ‘vegan cashmere’, bamboo is a great material to produce sustainable and eco-friendly clothes. Not only is bamboo incredibly fast growing but its cultivation doesn’t require any pesticides as this plant is naturally antibacterial. To this, add the fact that bamboo absorbs five times more CO2 and produces 35% more oxygen than a usual hardwood tree and you’ll understand why this is one of the best eco-friendly materials currently on the market.

Products: Scarves and shawls.
Price Range: 23€ - 31€ for a bamboo scarf/shawl.
Why we love the brand: Super soft scarves made from one of the most sustainable materials out there: bamboo.

Best Handmade & Sustainable Scarves, Capes and Ponchos - More Than Hip

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