Best Handmade & Sustainable Furniture for a Conscious House

Best Handmade & Sustainable Furniture for a Conscious House

Do you want to create that beautifully decorated conscious house you have always dreamed of? Are you looking for some practical, stylish, and eco-conscious home furniture? Get ready to discover the new reality of eco-friendly home decor.

When buying sustainable handmade furniture you will find the most vibrant, classy, and top-quality items in the market. We all know that a green-conscious home will always be full of soul and beauty.

To make it easier for you, we made a list of the most recommended ethical furniture brands in Europe. Enjoy our selection and get ready to pick your handmade furniture for sustainable living.

  • Hannum
  • Naan
  • Farbflut Design
  • Rye Sleep
  • Layered Interior

"The chair is an everyday object that we usually take for granted. But by examining the chair and its role in our lives, we can gain insights into the deeper nature of human existence."Martin Heidegger.


Best Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Furniture for a Conscious House


This incredible  Spanish brand has everything you need to create a minimalist eco-friendly space. Whether you are looking for a handmade extendable wooden table for your kitchen or a cute wooded table lamp for your bedroom, Hannun has it all. Delight yourself with a broad catalog that will cover almost every aspect of your green home decor project. 

This major furniture company is making efforts to be more sustainable in different ways. Besides working with natural materials, they also launched a unique handmade furniture collection made with recycled plastic. And if you want more, they even have a reuse market where they give a second life to used furniture. 

Price: from $59
Best for: handmade wood furniture, broad catalog.

Best Handmade & Sustainable Furniture for a Conscious House


If you want to spark up your house with some sustainable Mediterranean wood furniture, we would love to introduce you to Naan. This sustainable Spanish brand work with local artisans in the heart of Valencia, where they get inspired by the sun and the beach. Their artisan products have a soft, elegant style joined with a quality sustainable wood material that will give your home a peaceful style. 

How gorgeous is this eco-friendly TV cabinet? Want to see more? Look at their sofa collection made with 85% natural cotton, and 15% of fully recycled polyester. Stunning!

If you want to get even more excited, all of their shipments have a Carbon Neutral Footprint and they are on their way to becoming a fully Zero Waste furniture brand. Bravo!

Price: from $20
Best for: shelving, cabinets.

 Best Handmade & Sustainable Furniture for a Conscious House - Naan

Farbflut Design

Do you think lighting is the most important part of home decor? Do you want to illuminate your house consciously? Meet Farbflut Design, a family-owned German company that manufactured the most original eco-friendly lamps.

With these modern sustainable lamps, winter will be cozier and you will rest assured knowing that your house is shining with environmentally responsible lighting. Their green lamps are manufactured with sustainable materials such as wood, cork, linen, and wool. This energy-efficient lamp company goes a bit further and offers some energy-saving LED bulbs to make sure you finish your shop all set up.

Price: from $119
Best for: sustainable lamps.

Best Handmade & Sustainable Furniture for a Conscious House - Farblut Design

Rye Sleep

Getting a good rest is one of the most important things we can do for our health. Also, when buying a bed, we know that is something we will have with us for a very long time. Therefore, choosing where we will sleep is a good opportunity to make a good choice for us and our environment.

Rye Sleep is the right call. Their sustainable collection of bedroom furniture presents a range of rustic handmade bed frames and nightstands. The simplicity of their products will captivate your soul.

This Danish brand offers an eco-friendly mattress that is flexible, supportive, and made with natural latex. Get your environmentally friendly bedroom set and have a rye sleep. 

Price: from $1190
Best for: sustainable beds.

Best Handmade & Sustainable Furniture for a Conscious House - Rye Sleep

Layered Interior

Layered is an interior design brand based in Sweden that merges authentic craftsmanship and sustainable materials with a daring modern flair.  They claim to blend contemporary movements and traditional minimalism with some Scandinavian refinement. And sure they do!… As soon as you take a look at their colorful handmade rugs you noticed an easy and elegant style that will take your home design to another level. They are made with 100% natural or recycled materials.

Layered also offers an impressive collection of environmentally friendly furniture. From coffee tables to sofas, stools, and chairs. Pick yours! They specialize in design consultation, so if you are in the look for a sustainable room makeover, this is your go!

Price: from $1190
Best for: rugs, furniture.

Best Handmade & Sustainable Furniture for a Conscious House - Layered interior

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