Best Professional Shampoo Bars - Zero Waste

Best Professional Shampoo Bars - Zero Waste

Have you noticed that if you search in the supermarket for a shampoo bar, the offers are super limited? You get the standard versions that don’t cover special needs like curly hair, sensitive scalp, etc. The professional options rarely are eco-friendly! So if your hair has special needs and you feel being environmentally conscious is the way to go, keeping reading, there are some sustainable options that cover different hair types and needs, offering a fantastic range of self-care products and cosmetics. What is more, there are a plethora of professional shampoos – those that use high-quality ingredients, resulting in beautiful hair that is easy to manage.

We will discuss some of the professional shampoo bars we’ve picked out for you – all feature special formulas, cover special needs, and, most importantly, they are zero waste! The beauty industry is responsible for much of the plastic waste and pollution being executed on the planet. Making conscious decisions regarding your self-care and beauty routine is the first step in making an impactful change.

Professional Shampoo Bars

Best Professional Shampoo Bars

First, we need to cover the basics and give you some information regarding professional shampoo bars that you may or may not already know. Using them has many benefits, especially since they’re zero-waste products, meaning they’re designed in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. They don’t have any plastic waste or toxins that might cause damage. Unlike liquid soap, shampoo bars have a solid form and are a great environmentally-friendly alternative. They typically don’t contain any harmful ingredients present in liquid soaps, such as sulphites, parabens and silicones.

Moreover, they’re extremely convenient and last longer than regular shampoos. Because of their overall design, the beneficial effects are heavily concentrated compared to its counterpart, meaning it’s more powerful, and results are generally visible after the first use! Let’s look at some of the options we have chosen for you.

Miss Bouboune

Miss Bouboune is a French brand that has an astounding range of shampoo bars and skincare zero-waste products. They strive to create healthy, cruelty-free products that don’t contain any microplastics, silicones, palm oil, petroleum and other harmful ingredients and actively avoid plastic bottles. Their shampoo bars are an admirable size, and you get plenty of product without causing waste or pollution. The best part is that they offer four different products to choose from depending on your hair type. When choosing a proper shampoo, you must consider the type of hair you have to give it the appropriate maintenance. 

Luckily, Miss Bouboune has shampoo bars for curly hair, healthy scalp, volume and hair growth. They even have a conditioner bar for all hair types!

  • SAM Shampoo For Curly Hair: suitable for anyone with curly and wavy hair that might require a bit more moisture. Furthermore, it has rice protein which offers bounce and shine to the hair, along with a fresh grapefruit scent. 
Best for: Curls and extra care
Price: €29,00

 Best Professional Shampoo Bars - Zero Waste - For Curly Hair

  • LOU Shampoo for Healthy Scalp: a refreshing sage green colour that signifies the contents of tea tree oil and peppermint, both of which help with dandruff elimination and keeps the hair fresh for longer.

Best for: Nourishment for a healthy scalp
Price: €29,00

Best Professional Shampoo Bars - Zero Waste - For Sensitive Scalp

  • LEO shampoo for Extra Volume: a luxurious choice for anyone searching to achieve a voluminous hair look. Thanks to the wheat grain, which protects the hair and provides volume, it also has sea salt, which gives the hair grip and texture, all paired with the scent of blackberry and vanilla.

    Best for: Volume
    Price: €28,00

    Best Professional Shampoo Bars - Zero Waste - For extra volume

    • KIM shampoo for Hair Growth: is aimed at promoting hair nourishment and growth. Caffeine stimulates the scalp and has hair-growing benefits, while mango and wheat moisturise and protect the hair. These ingredients combine to create this ideal professional shampoo bar with a fresh powdery scent.

    Best for: Hair growth
    Price: €28,00 

    Best Professional Shampoo Bars - Zero Waste - For hair growth


    Solidu is a Lithuanian, women-owned brand aimed at creating sustainable, environmentally conscious hair care and body products. They have many products to choose from, all of which are solid, making them the perfect zero-waste products. They have five shampoo bars, all created with a different purpose.

    • EXOTIC Solid Shampoo: this product is perfect for any hair type and has many beneficial ingredients. It has a rich scent of vanilla and citrus, with hints of eucalyptus, clary sage, ylang-ylang and patchouli. This shampoo bar is rich in vitamins E and A, virgin coconut oil, mango butter and cocoa butter. All excellent sources of moisture and nourishment that offer protection of the hair follicles.

    Best for: Cleansing hair naturally
    Price: €10,99

    Best Professional Shampoo Bars - Zero Waste - Solidu Exotic

    • BALANCE Solid Shampoo: as the name implies, the purpose of this shampoo bar is to refresh and reduce excess sebum on your scalp. After using it, you'll notice that there won’t be any need to frequently wash your hair. It contains mango butter and an essential oil mix of rosemary, mint, cedar and lemon, all contributing to the proper function of the sebaceous glands on your scalp.

    Best for: Gently removing oil and dirt
    Price: €9,99

    Best Professional Shampoo Bars - Zero Waste - Solidu Balance
    • GRANDMA SAID Solid Shampoo: this authentic shampoo bar is packed with stinging nettle, often used in Lithuania, and tamanu oil. This product is ideal for weak hair - its ingredients intensely moisturise and strengthen the hair giving it an overall shine and healthy look. Simply put, It’s a perfect alternative to a sensitive scalp shampoo.

    Best for: Restoring hair’s health
    Price: €10,99

    Best Professional Shampoo Bars - Zero Waste - Solidu Grandma Said
    • PINK Solid Shampoo: this elegant shampoo bar is packed with floral notes derived from peony roots and ylang-ylang essential oil. It’s also suitable as a sensitive scalp shampoo because of the soothing characteristics of the peony flower. Some of the ingredients include coconut and olive oil, a great source of antioxidants.

    Best for: All hair types, providing total cleansing effect and nourishment
    Price: €13,99

    Best Professional Shampoo Bars - Zero Waste - Solidu Pink


    KMS is not a company focused on Zero Waste products, however they do have zero waste option, this solid shampoo bar is an excellent sustainable choice you can include in your hair care routine. Thanks to the nourishing contents of aloe vera and other active ingredients, it’s perfect for normal to dry hair. The best part is that it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients and is safe to use on colour-treated hair. Finally, you can enjoy an improved hair structure by using this bar, as it is jam-packed with minerals and vitamins, all of which contribute to hair, as you see in the commercials!

    Best for: Moisture and regeneration
    Price: €15,45

    Best Professional Shampoo Bars - Zero Waste - KMS

    All of the professional shampoo bars mentioned above are a great alternative for a healthy, sustainable hair care routine. Depending on your hair type, whether you’re looking for shampoo bars for dandruff, shampoo bars for curly hair etc., there are plenty of options. If you’re looking for other sustainable, non-toxic products to incorporate into your lifestyle, make sure to explore our store!

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