Best Sustainable and Eco-friendly Pyjamas

Best Sustainable and Eco-friendly Pyjamas in Europe

We all remember those times in our childhood when our worst nightmare was the time when our parents forced us to go to bed. The feeling somehow didn’t change throughout our university years, when we would happily sacrifice our sleep for hours spent studying or, even better, partying!

But let’s be honest. Now that our childhood is a distant memory and our school days are over, getting to bed has suddenly become one of the highlights of our day. There's nothing better than wearing your pajamas and hiding under a blanket. Or is there?

As we sink into the simple pleasure of donning our cherished pajamas, there's an understated consideration that goes beyond the coziness they provide—the sustainability of our sleepwear. In a world saturated with fashion trends, the pajama drawer often escapes the spotlight when it comes to eco-conscious choices. Yet, opting for sustainable pajamas is a quiet but impactful decision, a small yet genuine stride towards a more considerate lifestyle. This is why we decided to create this article. If you go all about comfy clothes, you must also read our article on the best sustainable loungewear!

Here are our top seven sustainable and eco-friendly pajamas.


Dagsmejan offers a variety of modern and high-quality sleeping gowns and night dresses to feel stylish also when going to bed. 

This brand uses natural fibers, which consume up to 20x less water than cotton and 5x less of high-quality farmland.

All its products are fully based in Europe and it’s certified by several companies to always maintain the highest standard. Some of these include Oekotex 100, bluesign®, NATIVA™, FSC®, PEFC™ STeP (Made in Green), and BSCI.

On top of this, Dagsmejan often collaborates with non-profits aiming to bring positive change in the world, such as Pink Ribbon, Eden Reforestation, Vives Water charity, and more.

Prices: €100-180
Why we love them: Great designs, collaboration with several non-profits, high-quality eco-friendly materials.

Best Sustainable and Eco-friendly Pyjamas - dagsmejan


Calida is another great brand using unique materials that are not only surprisingly soft and durable but also 100% environmentally friendly. For instance, their SeaCell™ fibers are obtained from Icelandic brown algae which are then mixed with TENCEL™. On top of this, their ECONYL® is a unique material made from 100% recycled nylon, coming from old fishing nets, carpets, and fabric scraps. Lastly, we need to mention TENCEL. This fabric is now famous in the eco-friendly fashion world and it’s obtained from sustainable wood grown without artificial fertilizers with minimal environmental impact.

Calida sells a variety of standard pajamas with basic prints.

Prices: €100-130
Why we love them: Great designs, collaboration with several non-profits, high-quality eco-friendly materials.

Best Sustainable and Eco-friendly Pyjamas - Calida 


Hessnatur offers a variety of loungewear and sweats that will make you feel immediately at home after a long day at work. 

This brand uses the best materials, such as high-quality organic cotton, silk, and modal, which are not only sensitive skin-friendly but also sustainable.

People at Hessnatur also firmly believe in the importance of recycling. This is why they create pieces of clothing from their production leftovers.

Prices: €40-100
Why we love them: Sustainable, high-quality materials, recycling their production leftovers.

Best Sustainable and Eco-friendly Pyjamas - Hessnatur


Asceno produces original and chic sleep and loungewear to feel like a VIP before going to sleep. 

All Asceno’s packages are made from recycled and responsibly sourced material and whenever you purchase from this brand you will get your products in a reusable organic cotton bag made in collaboration with a charity organization operating in India.

Roughly 90% of Asceno’s products are made from natural fibers which are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Some of these include Bamboo Satin, made from a plant that doesn’t require pesticides or chemicals to grow, and beech tree cellulose. 

Asceno’s production is brought forward by family-run factories in Porto and Shanghai. This brand only produces its garments in small batches to avoid waste.

Prices: €120-350
Why we love them: Sustainable materials, recycled packages, no overproduction.

Best Sustainable and Eco-friendly Pyjamas - Asceno


Grundstoff offers a variety of basic loungewear designs and pajamas made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton. Compared to the other brands on our list, Grundstoff still has room for improvement, but the company seems to be on the right trajectory. 

Grundstoff often sells clothes with reputable certifications, such as the Fairtrade seal and the GOTS certification. On top of this, the company uses recycled cardboard boxes and paper for its shipping as well as natural rubber adhesive. 

Prices: €30-70
Why we love them: On a mission to become greener

Best Sustainable and Eco-friendly Pyjamas in Europe - Grundstoff 

Desmond And Dempsey

Desmond and Dempsey is an extremely transparent brand that not only is putting a great effort into becoming greener and greener every day, but it is not afraid to admit its weaknesses.

Most of its production is based in Portugal (except for its boxers and silk eye masks produced in China) where the company owns three factories working entirely with renewable energy provided by solar panels.

Their supply chain is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, while their factories and mills are Oeko-Tex, meaning they don't use dangerous chemicals.

On top of this, Desmond and Dempsey are now switching from organic mother-of-pearl buttons to natural Corozo ones, made from the seed of the Tagua plant.

Prices: €140-400
Why we love them: Full transparency, GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified, stylish designs.

Best Sustainable and Eco-friendly Pyjamas - Desmond And Dempsey


Two-Thirds sells simple but high-quality designs for loungewear, sweatshirts, and other cozy garments to stay comfy outside, at home, and under your duvet.

One of the main factors distinguishing this brand from others is its pre-order system, allowing Two-Thirds' employees to avoid useless waste. Other companies all over the world usually end up overproducing clothes which results in an estimated 10-30% of unsold pieces. Thanks to its pre-order method, Two-Thirds manages to produce significantly less waste.

On top of this, two-Thirds uses a series of fabrics such as TENCEL™ lyocell, hemp, and linen to avoid common cotton, an extremely harmful fabric for our environment.

Lastly, this company’s manufacturing processes are fully based in Europe, specifically France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Prices: €50-100
Why we love them: No overproduction, sustainable materials, fully based in Europe.

Best Sustainable and Eco-friendly Pyjamas - Two Thirds 

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