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Best Sustainable Fashion Kids Brands in Europe

Did you know that sustainable brands prevent children from getting in contact with toxic materials? That’s right. Disperse dyes, tributyl phosphate, and dimethyl fumarate are just some of the chemicals that are widely spread, causing various skin irritations and even asthma, so eco-friendly brands using natural and organic materials protect your children from them.

Just as with our list of best organic shampoos for kids, on these recommendations, we will make sure to cover high-quality safe products for your little ones. 

Moreover, childrenswear is one of the main contributors to the fast-fashion industry. Since our little rascals grow in a blink of an eye, you must constantly buy clothing that fits them, even if they outgrow it in a few months. However, supporting non-toxic fashion is paramount during this period since you want to provide the best for your little ones. In addition, children should be taught about conscious fashion practices from an early age, so getting them clothes made sustainably will surely provide insight.

For that reason, in this blog, we highlight some of the best sustainable fashion kids' brands in Europe, offering a vast array of fashionable pieces, from adorable tops to some of the tiniest shoes you’ve ever seen! Most importantly, the brands are eco-friendly and contribute much towards conscious fashion. 

Best Eco-Friendly Fashion Kids’ Brands for a Non-Toxic Wardrobe  

  • Infantium Victoria 
  • Hessnatur
  • NKitH
  • MarMar Copenhagen
  • Cosy Roots
  • Patagonia 
  • Matona

    Infantium Victoria

    Starting off our list is Infantium Victoria - a remarkable sustainable fashion kids brand that champions eco-consciousness and style. This brand is one of the pioneers in cruelty-free fashion, ensuring every piece of clothing they make embodies respect for all living things.

    Elegant, high-quality clothing is the perfect combination of style and comfort for your little ones. Moreover, it features adorable pieces, ideal for playdates, tennis, mini golf, school, family hangouts, and vacations.

    Infantium Victoria stands out for its dedication to sustainability, offering a harmonious blend of eco-friendly materials and exquisite designs that reflect a conscious lifestyle. The brand takes sustainability seriously, using 100% GOTS-certified organic breathable cotton, which is safe and allergen-free for kids. Their collections offer extra modern-designed polo dresses and T-shirts, comfortable everyday wear, all infused with an artistic and minimalist yet whimsical flair.

    Price: 30- 200 EUR
    Best for: non-toxic fashion, celebrations, premium-designed kids' clothing. 
    Size and Ages: From 2 years to 16 years

    Best Sustainable Fashion Kids Brands in Europe - Infantium Victoria


    Hessnatur - a pioneer in sustainable fashion kids’ brands for schools and daycare centers, offers environmentally friendly clothing made from natural materials. With over 45 years of experience, Hessnatur excels in producing a style that respects the people involved in clothing manufacture, as well as the environment, by conserving resources.  

    Their commitment to sustainability extends to using innovative materials like Cradle to Cradle, Natural Fleece, Nature Shell, BetterRecycling, Bio-Denim, and Vegan fashion. They are also GOTS certified, ensuring their products meet strict organic standards. Natural materials set them apart as a brand that cares not only for the present but also for the well-being of future generations.

    Hessnatur’s collections come in various colors and prints, catering to all kinds of tastes. With a focus on responsible actions and a dedication to positively impacting the present and future, Hessnatur is a brand that genuinely represents fashion for a better tomorrow.

    Price: 30-200 EUR
    Best for:  For parents who seek fashionable and eco-friendly schools and daycare outfits for their loved ones.
    Size and Ages: Newborn to 16 years

    Best Sustainable Fashion Kids Brands in Europe - Hessnatur

    MarMar Copenhagen

    MarMar Copenhagen is a sophisticated and classic luxury Danish sustainable fashion kids brand that stands the test of time. It offers a wide range of clothing with excellent, quirky details and a strong sense of functionality.

    This eco-friendly brand for kids is committed to producing high-quality, sustainable clothing with no harmful substances, their NOOS collection ensures favorite most functional basics. Their dedication to sustainability is evident through their use of certified organic cotton, TENCEL™ Modal, ECOVERO™ Viscose, and even innovative alternatives like VILOFT® instead of wool, ensuring that harmful substances are kept at bay. A whopping 70% of their current production is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100® certified, with continuous efforts to increase this number.

    Their Best Basics line ensures customers have a go-to brand for timeless pieces, always available and made to last. MarMar Copenhagen is a brand that cherishes femininity and embraces a sustainable approach, making them truly stand out in childrenswear.

    Btw, you can also find matching outfits for moms.

    Price: 30- 120 eur
    Best for: Parents looking for sophisticated, timeless non-toxic fashion for their children
    Size and Ages: Newborns to 16 years

    Best Sustainable Fashion Kids Brands in Europe - MarMar Copenhagen

    Cosy Roots

    A German-based brand specializing in sustainable, vegan baby and children's shoes catering to little adventurers and world explorers! CosyRoots offers a perfect blend of style, comfort, and sustainability.

    CosyRoots' dedication to vegan, sustainable materials and commitment to creating comfortable, stylish shoes that support natural foot development sets them apart in children's footwear. Their unisex collection and cuts ensure that every child can enjoy their velvety soft, and recycled shoes, providing a feeling almost like walking barefoot while offering protection and grip for crawling and learning to walk. 

    Moreover, CosyRoots wants to create shoes that support the natural development of children's feet. Their sustainable baby swimsuits are beautiful and practical with washable, non-slip soles and offer UPF 50+ sun protection, making them ideal for your next family summer vacation!

    Price: 40-50 EUR
    Best for: Eco-conscious parents seeking premium-designed, sustainable shoes for toddlers
    Size and Ages: Toddlers (approx. 18-29 size)

    Best Sustainable Fashion Kids Brands in Europe - Cosy Roots 


    Patagonia, one of the most famous European brands for eco-friendly fashion for kids, offers active, sporty, sustainable clothing. From jackets and fleece to tops and accessories, Patagonia Kids ensures your little adventurers have the best gear for their outdoor escapades.

    Patagonia Kids is committed to using organic cotton, PVC-free materials, Yulex natural rubber, and recycled fabrics, reflecting their dedication to preserving the environment. It stands out for its wide range of sustainable products, featuring organic and recycled materials, perfect for energetic kids who love to explore the great outdoors.

    Their thoughtfully designed collection allows children to explore the great outdoors comfortably while promoting a conscious lifestyle. 

    Price: 30-150 euros
    Best for: Eco-conscious parents seeking sustainable, high-quality clothing for their restless rascals
    Size and Ages: 5-16 years

    Best Sustainable Fashion Kids Brands in Europe - Patagonia


    A well-known brand that embodies fair and sustainable fashion for children and women, characterized by natural, simple, and versatile designs. Their commitment to consciousness in fashion is reflected in their choice of organic cotton and linen sourced from certified factories in Portugal.

    Matona's collection includes a wide range of kids' clothes thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and style for active youngsters. From jackets and tops to knitwear and fashionable bottoms, their offerings cater to eco-conscious parents seeking stylish non-toxic fashion for their little ones. In essence, this brand stands out for its commitment to eco-friendly fashion for kids, using local wood, pasture grass, and recycled paper for its packing and opting for organic cotton and linen in its clothing line. Their primary focus is simplicity, sustainability, and versatility.

    Price: 30-100 euros
    Best for: Eco-conscious parents with a love for minimalism, seeking fair and consciously-made clothing for their children.
    Size and Ages: Newborns to teenagers

    Best Sustainable Fashion Kids Brands in Europe - Matona


    A sustainable future kidswear label on an adventurous journey to create fashionable and timeless kids' clothes. Their unique approach involves collecting and repurposing used fabrics, making a bold statement against the fast fashion frenzy. Moreover, all their products are crafted with love in their small studio in Germany.

    Inspired by the colorful and fearless memories of their 90s youth, Sarah & Florian, the creators of NKITH, designed extra fashionable and exciting hats for kids aged 2 to 15 years. These hats are not just accessories; they become must-haves for every young fashion enthusiast. 

    Crafted from pre-used bedlinen and lined with light cotton, the caps also feature a bendable soft visor and an adjustable self-fastener for the perfect fit. The hats are machine-washable, making them practical for kids' everyday adventures.

    Additionally, NKITH offers hat options for grown-ups, encouraging families to be fancy and eco-aware on their trips together.

    NKITH's dedication to sustainability through upcycling used fabrics, creating fashionable hats with unique names, and its commitment to making a statement against fast fashion sets them apart as a brand that embraces adventure, style, and sustainability.

    Price: Approx. 30 euros
    Best for: Eco-conscious parents seeking sustainable, stylish hats for their children and themselves
    Size and Ages: 2-15 years (kids), and options for grown-ups

    Best Sustainable Fashion Kids Brands in Europe - nkith

    After we've presented seven fabulous sustainable fashion kids' brands in Europe that align with your eco-friendly ideals, it's time to make your choice. The best part? These clothes are made from organic, allergen-free material and are as fashionable as ever. So, why not teach your child the ideal balance of ethics and fashion from an early age? Check out our other articles to learn more about conscious fashion and how you can contribute to it.

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