Best Sustainable Jeans & Pants in Europe

Best Sustainable Jeans & Pants in Europe

Did you know that denim is one of the most damaging fabrics for the environment? According to an article published by Vogue, this is mainly due to the fact that this material requires huge amounts of cotton to be made. Unfortunately, most cotton currently used by manufacturers is grown using harmful fertilizers and humongous amounts of water. 

But there is a ‘but’. Thankfully, nowadays there are plenty of sustainable fashion brands out there manufacturing jeans in the most eco-friendly way, keeping water consumption to the minimum and avoiding the use of harmful pesticides. 

Here are our favorite eco-friendly jeans and pants currently on the market. 

Our Top Five Eco-Friendly Jeans and Pants Now On The Market 

Reformation Jeans

These high-waist pants are available in ten different color variations to satisfy all tastes. Their high rise and wide legs will not only make you look taller but also give you that fancy and classy retró look we all love. 

These eco-friendly jeans are composed of a rigid denim fabric made from 41% recycled cotton, 18% organically grown cotton, and 41% Tencel, a semi-synthetic fiber used in the production of clothing.

Price: 178€
Best for: Wide Legs & Straight Jeans
Why we love them: 10 colors to choose from and sustainable materials. 

Best Sustainable Jeans & Pants in Europe - Reformation

Avani - El Green Mall

If transparency is your number one priority, Avani is the brand for you. Not by chance, 80% of the items produced by this brand are made by Laurie and Nath, two experienced tailors working from their workshop in Marcollin, France. The remaining production takes place in Roanne, a small city in France, and Lisbon.

This brand mostly uses Tencel in its products, one of the most innovative fabrics on the market, thanks to its low consumption of water, equal to one-twentieth of the amount of water normally used for the production of cotton. 

Avani’s Pants Tamier blue jeans are available in four sizes and two colors: blue and black. They have a flattering high rise and are entirely made from Tencel. 

Price: 175€
Best for: High-waist pants, corporate pants, office wardrobe
Why we love them: eco-friendly materials, absolute transparency.

Best Sustainable Jeans & Pants in Europe - Avani 

MUD Jeans

MUD Jeans is a sustainable fashion brand producing some of the best pants currently on the market. This company has made circular economy its motto, the main reason why its jeans contain up to 40% post-consumer recycled cotton. An average pair of sustainable pants from MUD Jeans consumes roughly 92% less water than a common pair of trousers. 

MUD Jeans’ Slimmer Rick is a pair of men's sustainable jeans available in eight different colors and over 20 different sizes. They have a slim fit and are tighter around the knees and bottom, giving you an elegant-casual look. 

Price: 129,95€
Best for: sustainable denim
Why we love them: Lease for €10.80 per month, up to 92% less water waste.

Best Sustainable Jeans & Pants in Europe - Mud Jeans 


Every wardrobe should include a pair of high-quality black eco-friendly jeans. Asket’s Standard Black Jeans are made from 99% organic cotton and 1% recycled elastane. This brand also provides free repairs in two locations in Stockholm and one in Paris. 

ASKET is an innovative brand whose main aim is to avoid waste and make sure its products will last over a lifetime. If you ever decide you had enough of your Standard Black Jeans you can send them back to get a reward of up to 25 euros! Once ASKET receives your pants they will either resell them or recycle them. 

Price: 135€
Best for: standard black jeans
Why we love them: 99% organic cotton, over 2460 total garments collected and resold, free repairs. 

Best Sustainable Jeans & Pants in Europe - ASKET

Armed Angels

Nothing is more comfortable than a pair of loose jeans. Made from 100% recycled cotton, Relaxed Fit Denim for Men by Armed Angels comes in 16 sizes and two colors: indigo stone and teal stone. 

This brand is often involved in climate campaigns and donates some of its profits to organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and German Zero, a non-profit association whose main aim is to ensure Germany’s climate neutrality by 2035.

Armed Angels opts for some of the best fabrics on the market, such as organic cotton, grown using manure and compost, as well as annual crop rotation. This allows the soil to build up its natural fertility so that farmers do not need to use harmful chemicals dangerous to the environment. 

Price: 129,90€
Best for: sustainable skinny jeans
Why we love them: Part of the profits are donated to environmental groups and non-profit associations.

 Best Sustainable Jeans & Pants in Europe - armed angels

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