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Best Sustainable Real Leather Backpacks in Europe

Part of being a nature enthusiast is to keep up with eco-friendly fashion approaches. Fortunately, more brands are becoming aware of their environmental impact, thus implementing solutions to the problems caused by the fast fashion industry. Naturally, you want all of your clothes to be made of sustainable clothing, and accessories are no exception! If you are a lover of leather backpacks but feel they might not be in tune with your current lifestyle, we bring you some solutions!

Can leather production be sustainable? In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best leather backpacks made with conscious process and sustainable materials! and in addition, we'll go over that question! So, without further ado, let’s see some of the best conscious-made leather backpacks.

Health and Environmental Concerns in Leather Production

Before we delve into sustainability, here are a few words about how the rapidity of the fast fashion industry harms the environment. It’s common knowledge that the traditional methods of leather seriously harm the environment and use inhumane practices towards animals.

Firstly, those animals whose skin is used graze on pastures created through deforestation, thus affecting the air we breathe. In fact, almost every stage of leather creation brings a significant carbon dioxide emission, seriously stimulating the greenhouse effect. In addition, a large amount of water is necessary to dry the leather, posing a huge threat to areas that experience droughts frequently.

The added chemicals speed up the process and clean the leather but are of no help to the environment and can cause a number of health issues for the people handling them. Ultimately, a massive amount of industrial non-biodegradable waste is created as a by-product. 

As you can see, nothing good comes from the traditional ways of leather production except for ultra-trendy designs. However, all of them can be made from sustainable leather, so there’s practically no difference. Unfortunately, not many brands partake in this method. Therefore it’s important to shine a light on the brands that actually do!

How can your new leather backpack be eco-friendly? 

  • Ethical Sourcing: Check where the leather comes from. Sustainable leather should ideally be a by-product of the meat industry or sourced from regenerative ranching practices.
  • Traceability: Look for brands that provide transparency about their supply chain, from raw material sourcing to production and distribution.
  • Tanning Process: The tanning process is critical. Avoid leather that is tanned with toxic chemicals. Opt for vegetable tanning or chrome-free tanning, as these methods have lower environmental impacts.
  • Waste Reduction: Sustainable practices minimise waste generation and promote recycling and upcycling by-products.

  • Water Conservation: Sustainable leather production minimises water usage and treats wastewater to avoid pollution.
  • Labor Conditions: Ethical treatment of workers is crucial. Research the brand's labor practices and ensure fair wages and safe working conditions.
  • Local Production:  Brands that produce locally reduce transportation impacts and support local economies.
  • Longevity: A sustainable leather product should have timeless design and durability to discourage disposability.

Introducing the Pioneering World of Sustainable Leather Backpack Brands


The Nomad Nook 

The Nomad Nook, is a Spanish brand redefining leather backpacks with ethics and quality.  The brand's dedication to sustainability resonates in its choice of materials. Utilizing recycled waxed canvas and certified vegetable-tanned leather, each product becomes a unique masterpiece, reflecting individual journeys and experiences.

While contemplating vegan leather, The Nomad Nook remains committed to responsible choices. Their leather is sourced from the meat industry, minimizing waste and supporting a circular economy. The brand's sustainability extends beyond materials; it encompasses durable design, ease of repair, and a lifetime guarantee that underlines their commitment to quality.

But the heart of The Nomad Nook lies in its commitment to local production. Collaborating with skilled artisans across Spain ensures dignified working conditions and fair wages, contributing to both quality and sustainability. This local approach allows for small-scale production, aligning with demand and minimizing unnecessary transport, ultimately reducing our ecological footprint.

At The Nomad Nook, sustainability isn't a trend – it's a way of life. Each backpack isn't just a product; it's an embodiment of responsible craftsmanship that invites you to journey with purpose, leaving a positive mark on the world. Also, as soon as you see their leather backpack designs, we guarantee that you’ll instantly fall head over heels for them!

Price: from €129,00
Best for: conscious real leather

Best Sustainable Leather Backpacks - The Nomad Nook 


Guided by ethical principles, Kancha weaves a story of fair partnerships and respect for nature. Their materials, including leather, felt, yarn, and organic cotton, paint a portrait of Kyrgyzstan's vibrant heritage. By utilizing traditional methods and partnering with local artisans, Kancha transforms Kyrgyz agriculture's bounty into timeless treasures.

From merino wool collection to the final product's journey to Berlin, they oversee every step, ensuring authenticity and quality. The brand thrives on equality, fostering a Kyrgyz-German joint venture where founders and management members share roots in both nations.

Kancha's backpacks, carefully designed for urban lifestyles, are an embodiment of sustainable luxury. The fusion of organic cotton and premium leather yields elegant pieces that resonate with conscious consumers seeking both style and substance.

However, we didn't find any information about which tanning process they use! (they might still use vegetable tanning but we can't say for sure)

Price: from 79,00
Best for: leather laptop backpack

Best Sustainable Leather Backpacks - Kancha

Berliner Bags

Unlock the world of slow fashion with Berliner Bags, an embodiment of simplicity, style, and sustainability. This brand's essence lies in offering consumers a gateway to environmentally-friendly decisions, presenting stylish yet enduring pieces that echo their commitment to longevity.

Their mission revolves around providing high-quality, fashionable leather bags without the exorbitant price tags. By ensuring fairness in every aspect of their business, from production to pricing, Berliner Bags empowers customers to embrace slow fashion.

Handcrafted with precision by skilled artisans in India, Berliner Bags epitomize the artistry of handmade elegance. Their materials are meticulously chosen, with vintage and premium collections crafted from genuine, durable leather. The interior, lined with soft, natural cotton, elevates durability and safeguards your belongings.

Same here, we didn't find any information about which tanning process they use! (again, they might still use vegetable tanning but we can't say for sure)

Price: from €49,99
Best for: leather backpacks from Berlin

Best Sustainable Leather Backpacks - Berliner Bags

Although there’s quite a lot of work to be done, the future of sustainable fashion is looking better by the minute! We love to see how even the leather industry is getting greener, with a more ethical vision, where conscious practices take centre stage.

Check out the rest of our blogs for more information on sustainable living!

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