Best Sustainable T-shirts and Basics From European Brands

Best Sustainable T-shirts and Basics From European Brands

Sustainable fashion has recently gained more and more attention, and if you wish to transition towards sustainable clothing, doing it gradually is important. It might initially seem intimidating – not knowing where to start, what to look for, what to avoid, etc. So, you need to build your way from there, always considering the brand’s philosophy. However, you will soon discover that many of those brands are costly – for good reasons. That said, if you are ready to discover some iconic brands that also care for the environment but are not so costly, you are in the right place. Many European brands have emerged with excellent environmentally-friendly clothing lines that are budget-friendly  – some of which we’ll discuss today.

The perfect starting point for your sustainable clothing journey is the tried-and-trusted t-shirt. It is the ultimate necessity that is versatile beyond comparison. But their diverse nature may cause some problems as well. Namely, much of the planet’s pollution comes from the production of cotton - the material present in many clothing items. By switching to sustainable t-shirts, you are contributing to the planet's well-being as well as your own. Being mindful of the production of the clothing you purchase is already an impactful change. With that in mind, if you’re unsure where to look for the best eco-friendly t-shirts and basics, we’ve got you covered.

Best Sustainable Fashion Brands Offering Affordable Basics

  • Off with nature
  • Hessnatur
  • Seapath Clothing
  • Agood Company
  • Vresh
  • Saint Basics

    Off with nature

    Off with nature, or OWN for short,  is an Italian, environmentally conscious brand dedicated to the well-being of the planet. They use eco-friendly or recycled materials, and their production process is 100% sustainable. Not only do they have a wide range of t-shirts, but they have other clothing items suitable to your needs regardless of gender. All of their items come in different vibrant colours, and the best thing about them is that they’re non-toxic and made from organic cotton. You can find them online with available worldwide shipping, and keep an eye out for promo codes - they’re known for giving large discounts! Simply put, OWN is the ideal choice if you’re searching for an environmentally conscious brand, so don't miss out on their pieces.

    Price: from €19,00
    Best for: sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers

    Best Sustainable T-shirts and Basics From European Brands - Off With Nature


    This German brand is remarkable in producing environmentally friendly products that vary from clothing, shoes or accessories to interior items such as bedding. All of their products are made in Europe and mindfully created, considering the sustainability and transparency behind them. They have many sustainable t-shirts which you can choose from as they come in different shapes, patterns and colours. Hessnatur also features exceptional basics and offers an extremely wide range of clothing items, depending on your needs. With that in mind, if you’re looking for a one-stop shop to completely rejuvenate your wardrobe with conscious fashion, look no further than Hessnatur!

    Pricefrom €29,95
    Best for: shirts and tops, loungewear

    Best Sustainable T-shirts and Basics From European Brands - Hessnatur

    Saint Basics

    In 2010, this brand created clean, eco-friendly clothing ranging from sustainable t-shirts, blazers, vests, dresses, skirts and even accessories. They strive to make environmentally friendly products free from pesticides, sweatshops and child labour and focus on using clean, natural materials such as eucalyptus. They have an excellent selection of tees and shirts made of organic materials that feel soft on the skin and highly breathable. Women should specifically take an interest in Saint Basics, as their bralettes are the epitome of comfort! And bralettes that are comfortable to wear and don’t feel scratchy on the skin.

    Pricefrom €27,00
    Best for: cozywear, underwear, tops and leggings

    Best Sustainable T-shirts and Basics From European Brands - Saint Basics

    Seapath Clothing

    All of Seapath Clothing is created in the North of Portugal. They’re a small group of passionate individuals working to create quality clothing that doesn’t leave a bad trace on the planet. When you’re considering buying sustainable clothing, it’s always a good choice to shop at micro companies such as Seapath because you’re supporting their passionate journey in protecting the environment as well as their families. Their dedication is noticeable in every detail -  they don’t use plastic for packaging. Instead, all of their boxes and tags are created using recycled paper. Moreover, their clothing items are made from organic and recycled cotton, which is the perfect alternative to conventional cotton. Linen is another frequent material used in sustainable clothing, and their summer pieces will surely get you a few compliments! The great thing about it is that it’s hypoallergenic and naturally sustainable, making it the ideal material for your wardrobe.

    Portugal is known for their quality textile production, so all of these materials are included in their selection, and what’s even better - they’re all produced ethically. Seapath manufactures a few clothes that further assist its sustainable fashion approach. Although the number of products is limited, they have multiple clothing items for men and women, which you can choose from. Their sustainable t-shirts are colourful and come in different fun patterns, logo tees and unique designs that you can easily pull off. 

    Price: from 38,90
    Best for: colorful t-shirts, long sleeves

    Best Sustainable T-shirts and Basics From European Brands - Seapathclothing

    Agood Company

    Agood Company is an eco-friendly brand that creates different products whilst being environmentally conscious. They’re passionate about creating everyday products that have a good impact on the planet and are mindful of their production processes as well as the materials that are being used. Their sustainable t-shirts come in different sizes suitable for any body type and have different muted, classic tones and colours, made in Turkey using recycled and organic cotton. We’ve mentioned the many negative aspects of conventional cotton; ensuring that it’s not present in the clothing you choose is something you need to keep in mind when choosing the right sustainable item of clothing. The brands mentioned in this article all have similar ideals. Agood company and the others are transparent and honest in their work, which is an aspect worth noticing.

    Pricefrom €35,00
    Best for: t-shirts, tank top

    Best Sustainable T-shirts and Basics From European Brands - agood


    This Austrian brand has a diverse line of sustainable fashion for men and women, which is created in Portugal using high-quality textiles. They’re conscious about their footprint on the planet and focus only on sustainable and ethical working conditions. Furthermore, they use recycled materials such as cotton and polyester, as well as a special material made of wood called Lyocell/Tencel. Finally, Vresh’s tops and t-shirts come in patterned, lovely colours and muted tones, always looking fresh. No wonder where their name came from!

    Pricefrom €25,00
    Best for: t-shirts and tops

    Best Sustainable T-shirts and Basics From European Brands - Vresh

    All of the brands we’ve highlighted for you are abundant with environmentally-friendly clothing, so don’t worry if you go on a spree - we completely understand it! You can’t go wrong in choosing eco-friendly T-shirts because, chances are, you will wear them with almost anything. Whether it’s from Off With Nature, Agood, Seapath or the others, you’ve made the right choice!

    If you’re interested in other sustainable, non-toxic products, make sure to explore our store!


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