Guide To A Sustainable Lifestyle With European Brands

Guide To A Sustainable Lifestyle For Beginners With European Brands

While ethical fashion and non-toxic beauty are certainly at the forefront of every eco-conscious consumer, leading a sustainable lifestyle is much more than just fashion and tote bags, there are plenty of other aspects of our lifestyle that could use an eco-friendly upgrade.

The conscious shopper is looking to mindfully select products that accompany them in every stage of their life. We know, those stages can be radically different between them.

Do you work from home wearing your best pyjamas? Are you on top of your skincare routine or do you love to steal the restaurant's gaze when you walk in? Whatever your priority is at the moment, the brands below will match your style!

Ahead, is a roundup of some of the most beloved fashion, beauty, home, and well-being brands that deserve your attention.

Best European Brands To Help You Adopt A More Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainable Brands For Your Style

Guide To A Sustainable Lifestyle With European Brands - Style & Fashion


Known as one of the best ethical, affordable sustainable brands In Germany, Lanius uses a wide range of planet-friendly materials like GOTS-certified cotton, wool, hemp, and Tencel to create chic and feminine clothing as responsibly as possible. The sustainable European brand also grants us the option to either sell our well-preserved garments or rent clothes for special occasions to further minimize waste.

Price: From 39,90 €
Best for: Clean girl style, activewear and shoes

Armed Angels

The beloved, sustainable berlin brand Armed Angels creates ethical wardrobe staples with an instantly-recognizable youthful, cool vibe. In fact, their collections are the epitome of circular fashion which can easily be dismantled and recycled at the end of their lifespan.

Currently, they are on a mission to create the most sustainable denim using the closed-loop production method that limits the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used during manufacturing.

Price: From €9.90
Best for: Berlin style, t-shirts, denim


Passenger, the cult-favorite European outdoor sustainable brand based in the UK aims to create the ultimate adventure staples for explorers. From ethical fleece jackets, hoodies, puffers, leggings, and even footwear, the brand incorporates eco-friendly materials like Recycled Sherpa-Fleece, recycled poly, PFC-free water-repellent coating, Hemp, and Organic Cotton to create cold-weather staples built to last for a lifetime. In order to further minimize their carbon footprint, Passenger has already planted more than 475,298 native trees in collaboration with their conservation partners.

Price: From €30
Best for: Outdoor style, jackets, hoodies & cardigans

Sustainable European Brands For Your Sleep

Guide To A Sustainable Lifestyle With European Brands - Sleepwear

Elliot Organics

Known as one of the best best European underwear sustainable brands for luxurious camis, French knickers, super-soft underwear, and nightwear, Elliot Organics should definitely be on your radar. The company produces its eco-conscious collections locally, d in a small factory near Barcelona in Spain. For their stellar choice of materials, Elliot Organics specializes in GOTS-certified organic cotton styles. Breathe, non-irritating, and buttery soft–just as we like them!

Price: from £19
Best for: tank tops & briefs

Sustainable European Skincare Brands For Your Body

Guide To A Sustainable Lifestyle With European Brands - Beauty

Vary Vace

If you are on the hunt for European paraben-free makeup brands, have a look at Vary Vace. They thrive on using 100% natural ingredients that are friendly to all skin types in the most eco-conscious way possible. The collection runs the gamut from eyeshadows, eyeliners, and pencils to foundations, blushes, highlighters, and splurge-worthy sets ideal for gifting.

What’s more, the German brand chooses to use recyclable tin cans that can be refilled time and time again on top of sourcing all minerals locally.

Price: From 14,99 €
Best For: Natural eyeshadows, concealers & foundations


Touted as one of the most natural, vegan shampoo brands in Europe, dimgo is here to upgrade our haircare rituals with skin-loving, hypoallergenic and highly-performing formulas. Their plant-based shampoo and conditioner bars tap into aromatherapy territory while harvesting the nourishing powers of Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Carnauba Wax, and Grape Seed Oil. What’s more, the Geman brand also offers handcrafted butter bars to nourish and treat dry skin during the coldest months of the year.

Price: From €13.95
Best for: Vegan shampoo bars with essential oils


The vegan skincare brand 4 People Who Care ethically creates all-natural hand and foot creams for sensitive skin. in order to minimize unnecessary packaging completely and avoid any leaks, they stay away from liquids and produce solid formulas instead. Of course, each formula is packed in reusable glass, tin, or cardboard containers that can be used in definitely. We absolutely love their choice of ingredients as well. Think Eucalyptus, Shea butter, Rosemary, Olive oil, and Aloe Vera.

Price: From €8,90
Best for: Foot creams & hand creams

Non-Toxic European Brands For Your Home

Guide To A Sustainable Lifestyle With European Brands - Home & Bedclothing 

Nia Organics

Nia Organics’ utterly soft and natural bedding is made of the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified organic cotton – the most skin-friendly and hypoallergenic fiber of them all. Rest accused that your neutral or beautifully-printed bedding sets are tear and pill -resistant while wicking away moisture during the warmest of days. The sustainable brand also chooses corozo buttons that come straight from palm trees of tropical origin. Lastly, your order will come wrapped and labeled with recycled materials and low environmental impact.

Price: From €29
Best for: Organic cotton bedding


Your search for the best sustainable furniture brands in Europe ends here! The eco-conscious brands harvests raw materials in the most impressive way. The team travels through Spain recovering trunks and wood in order to give them a brand new life. Then, Mulet starts the restoration and manufacturing process which is done purely by hand. From sawing, and natural drying, to the selection of parts, machining, sanitizing, assembly, and finishing. The result? unique, authentic pieces, with years of history and beautiful imperfections.

Price: From €80
Best for: Tables

Ethical Wellbeing Brands For Your Soul

Guide To A Sustainable Lifestyle With European Brands - Growth mushrooms & Ceramics


The Finland-based company Nackrosgarden produces fantastic mushroom grow kit and mycelium dowels. Some of the most cult-favorite types they carry are actually considered a delicacy and most likely won't be found fresh in stores due to their short shelf life which is even more fascinating. All grow kits are made at the site of Nackrosgarden’s mushroom laboratory located in the Finnish countryside. Yes, all mycelium products are made to order to ensure freshness and high quality by an expert team! How cool is that?

Price: From €35
Best for: Mushroom grow kits

Hello Clayre

Have you always wanted to get creative with your pottery set and design your own jewelry bowls, sculptures, candlesticks, and more? Hello Clayre can help you do just that! The all-in-one set - is perfect for beginners. Thanks to their Starter Guide, you’ll easily get introduced to pottery, so that you can start creating your first own works with detailed step-by-step instructions ASAP. Honestly, is there a form of self-care than art?

Price: From €59,9
Best for: Pottery-making kits


Last, we have Paper Shoot Camera – the best place to shop for compact, sustainable cameras made with sustainable & recycled materials. That’s right! The simple point-and- shoot cameras are created to live in the moment. Water-resistant and equipped with a time-lapse functionality, all cameras have that oh-so-coveted vintage flair we adore so much. Plus, you can also opt for eco-friendly cases to give your camera a brand new look that fits your own, personal aesthetic. In other words, this brand offers the cutest eco- friendly alternative to disposables on the market.

Price: From €155,95
Best for: Eco-friendly cameras

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