Kids’ Fashion Brands Using Organic Cotton

Kids’ Fashion Brands Using Organic Cotton

If you stumbled upon one of our previous blogs, specifically the one highlighting the importance of supporting sustainable fashion kids’ brands, you’ve been introduced to conscious fashion and how you can directly contribute to it. If you haven’t already, we’ll be here waiting for you!

    Now, we want to focus on the brands that are using one of the most comfortable materials ever - organic cotton -. Moreover, the factories of the brands we will mention are aware of waste production. This blog is all about the world of organic cotton - we’ll focus on its advantages, in addition to the best European kids’ fashion brands using organic cotton, our children must know the practices of conscious fashion from an early age, as awareness takes us one step closer to a world where fast fashion doesn’t prevail but rather conscious choices.

    The Advantages Of Organic Cotton

    More and more people are turning their attention to organic cotton clothes, as they provide a breathable and comfortable fit, and the material feels soft on the skin. Let’s take a look at the rest of the advantages of organic cotton

    • Hypoallergenic -  reducing the risk of irritations and allergies, which are quite  prominent in our little ones
    • Non-Toxic - ensuring your child's clothes are perfectly safe to wear.
    • Comfortable - the natural fibers of organic cotton allow better air circulation, keeping your rascal cool and comfortable throughout the day.
    • Long-Lasting - no matter how much your kids wear their clothes if they are made from organic cotton, they’ll never lose their original form!
    • Eco-Friendly - organic cotton supports environmentally responsible practices, promoting a healthier planet for future generations.

      What is GOTS Organic Cotton?

      If you delve deeper into the world of kids’ fashion brands using organic cotton, you’ll stumble upon the term ‘GOTS’ often. To explain, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton is grown using environmentally friendly practices without the use of harmful chemicals, making it a safer and healthier option for your child's delicate skin. With that in mind, when looking into labels, it’s best to check for that GOTS certification!

      Best European Kids’ Fashion Brands Using Organic Cotton

    • Infantium Victoria
    • Matona 
    • Cosy roots
    • Or. Basics
    • MarMar Copenhagen

    • Infantium Victoria

      Infantium Victoria is one of the most exceptional kids’ fashion brands using organic cotton, putting comfort and eco-consciousness at the forefront of its designs. Their clothing is crafted from 100% GOTS-certified organic breathable cotton, ensuring safe and non-toxic attire for your little ones. Not only does organic cotton provide unparalleled comfort, but it also promotes a healthier environment for your child to thrive in.

      Infantium Victoria's collections feature sustainable fun clothes for kids with an artistic flair. These conscious but playful pieces are perfect for playdates, school, family hangouts, and vacations. If you want your child to stand out in comfortable and ethically-made fashion, Infantium Victoria is the go-to brand for eco-conscious parents.

      They stand out from the rest of the European-conscious kids’ fashion brands in their dedication to sustainability and creating not only an eco-friendly but also an ethical fashion industry for future generations. Their designs speak for themselves, so check them out immediately!

      Price: 30- 200 EUR
      Best for: zero waste clothes, t-shirts and polos
      Size and Ages: From 2 years to 16 years

      Kids’ Fashion Brands Using Organic Cotton - Infantium Victoria


      Because kids grow at the speed of light, you need adaptable clothes, all the while keeping up with the latest trends. Matona, an Austrian brand specializing in childrenswear, offers just that! Their garments are incredibly modern, made with organic cotton and other sustainable materials, providing the best care for the little ones.

      Matona's mission is to provide comfortable, non-toxic, and one-of-a-kind children's clothing. Their carefully picked range appeals to eco-conscious, minimalistic parents looking for fashionable, vibrant solutions for their children. Matona provides a broad assortment of attractive accessories that encourage uniqueness, from contemporary coats and colorful shirts to comfortable knitwear. 

      Price: 30-100 euros
      Best for: cardigans and sweaters in bright colours
      Size and Ages: Newborns to teenagers

      Kids’ Fashion Brands Using Organic Cotton - Matona

      Cosy Roots 

      When it comes to children’s feet, it’s of utmost importance to ensure their proper development. Therefore comfortable shoes are a must. Cosy Roots, a German-based kids’ fashion brand using organic fashion, specializes in footwear production, mastering eco-friendly practices.

      But apart from super cute baby's shoes, they also offer a collection of basics for babies and kids. Our favorites? The Baby Dungarees knitted from Organic Cotton are a comfortable one piece clothing that are also super practical with which your kids can move freely and discover the world around them.

      Price: 40-50 EUR
      Best for: leggings, dungarees, footwear
      Size and Ages: Toddlers (approx. 18-29 size)

      Kids’ Fashion Brands Using Organic Cotton - Cosy Roots

      Or. Basics

      Let us introduce you to another kids’ fashion brand using organic cotton with quite an exciting beginning! The idea comes from Lilia, who had difficulty finding clothes for her child that would be comfortable, sustainable, and stylish. The concept then evolves into a desire to improve the entire clothing industry, and Lilia is doing it one thread at a time! Or. Basics use organic materials for their clothing since providing the best for the little ones is always a priority. Additionally, the GOTS-certified organic cotton used in manufacturing also shows natural UV protection, reducing sun allergies and hypersensitivity reactions.

      Soft, high-quality, sustainable, gender-neutral, and most importantly - comfortable beyond comparison.

      Price: 20-70 EUR
      Best for: Parents seeking comfortable hypoallergenic clothes for kids.
      Size and Ages: 2 years- 12 years

      Kids’ Fashion Brands Using Organic Cotton - Or Basics 

      MarMar Copenhagen

      MarMar Copenhagen places a significant focus on organic cotton. Moreover, their dedication to sustainability is evident in their chosen fabrics, resulting in fashionable and environmentally responsible apparel. With an emphasis on comfort and utility, their designs are ideal for children who like to explore the world's wonders.

      The unique matching options for women and kids set MarMar Copenhagen distinct. The lovely designs have been carefully chosen to give parents and children a joyful and appealing aesthetic while wearing perfectly safe clothes for the entire family!

      Finally, you may outfit your children in clothes that are fashionable and manufactured from organic cotton, showing your eco-conscious principles. 

      MarMar Copenhagen's commitment to producing high-quality, sustainable clothing with no harmful substances. Additionally, their NOOS collection ensures the most functional basics, making them an essential brand to have in your children’s wardrobe.

      Price: 30- 120 eur
      Best for: Earth colors lovers, outdoors families
      Size and Ages: From newborn to 16 years

      Kids’ Fashion Brands Using Organic Cotton - MarMar Copenhagen


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