12 Simple Tips For A Sustainable Lifestyle

12 Simple Tips For A Sustainable Lifestyle

Beginners Guide for Sustainability

Incorporating green practices into your life doesn’t have to be a pain neither you have to go all-in from day one. Slightly adjusting your mindset to more conscious decisions is already a big step. Also, most of these tips will help you save money or lead a healthier life. So we could even actually called this article: Easy tips to save money or Beginners Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle. The sustainable life is a win-win situation that won't require major sacrifices, is all about efficiency.

1. Bike Instead of Driving.

Gasoline prices, oil spills, diesel scandal and mineral exploitation. There are too many problems behind the production and use of a car. On the other hand, bicycles generate no emissions, no traffic, low cost maintenance and you get exercise while moving around. They are even a better alternative than public transport, cheaper and healthier. But it is clear that public transport and bicycles complement each other in big cities. Another great alternative are the electric car sharing applications. They allow you to have access to a car in situations where it is really the best option, they are electric and since they are shared, you don't have the cost of maintenance.

2. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Very self-explanatory, take the stairs. You will use 3 extra minutes but you will be saving the energy used on moving all the machinery only to move you some floors. At the same time, once again, you will be doing cardio! Easy Healthy Sustainable life!

3. Eat less meat.

Producing a piece of meat weighing 1 kg, uses approx. 10.000 liters of water. Incorporate meatless days in your diet and get meatless alternatives for your dishes.

4. Use water smartly

Turn off the tap. We've heard it ad nauseam, but we often don't follow through. Turn off the faucet while soaping and rinse all the cutlery together. Be more efficient when washing dishes and use water consciously.

5. Dry with the air.

The dryer is one of the most polluting household appliances. Drying in the air, your clothes will last longer, smell better, you will spend much less on electricity and pollute less! Loving easy win-win scenarios!

6. Recycle at home.

Paper is the easiest material to recycle. If you don't have a lot of space, you don't have to recycle all the materials from day one. Start by setting aside the paper. Anything that is cardboard and is clean, set it aside and recycle it.

7. Change your almond milk for oat milk.

There was a big boom around Almond Milk, we all thought it was the best and healthiest option. I've been buying it for years, but it turns out that, even though it's vegan, almond milk kills bees. Read more about it here. Get a better alternative like oat milk!

8. Switch to green power.

If you pay your monthly electricity and light bill to companies that generate green energy, you will support the investment in renewable energy. With your consumption, you will be demanding a change.

9. Clean without toxic chemicals.

All the water you throw away ends up in the sea. Water from the toilet, sink, dishwasher, or drains. None of it goes into a magic hole and disappears. It all stays on the planet and eventually, falls into the ocean. Be mindful of it. Use cleaning products that won’t harm marine species. Will you add it to your kid's fish tank? If the answer is no, you probably shouldn't use it.

10. Delete your spam folder.

The old e-mails that you have accumulated contaminate. In fact, the whole Internet pollutes but we know that we will not stop using it. Let's be smart and use it effectively. Read more about Why the Internet Pollutes.

11. Pick up garbage on your walks.

If you are hanging out in the park, challenge yourself to pick up 10 cigarette butts. Or when you go to throw away the garbage, pick up some garbage you see on your way and throw it away too.

12. Invest smartly.

Whether you are investing thousands in brokers or simply buying a piece of new furniture, spend your money smartly. Where you use your money today will determine how the market looks tomorrow.



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