Best Ethical Jewelry Stores In Spain

The 5 Best Ethical Jewelry Stores In Spain

Are you frantically searching the whole wide web for the most ethical jewelry stores in Spain? We took it upon ourselves to find the best ethical Spanish jewelry brands that thrive on creating environmentally-friendly pieces for every occasion.

Each piece in their collection is handmade from fully traceable and responsibly sourced precious metals and gemstones. The gamut of casual and formal necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings below are crafted with Fairmined plated sterling gold, sterling silver, zircon, and conflict-free, traceable diamonds and sapphires. It’s safe to say that when it comes to the best sustainable jewelry in Spain, ethical brands have all our needs covered.

Best Ethical Jewelry Stores In Spain For Sustainable Blinks


Touted as one of the best ethical jewelry stores in Spain, Majoral offers an array of
Mediterranean-inspired pieces including engagement and wedding rings. If you really aim for something special, check out their” ONE-OF-A-KIND” collection. Spoiler alert: it’s so pretty!

What’s more, since 2014, Majoral has been a consumer and distributor of Fairmined certified gold, which guarantees that the metal comes from small-scale artisanal mines where safe jobs are generated and responsible practices are carried out with the environment.

They also have double-certified diamonds. You can also find untreated, natural-colored sapphires, extracted from small-scale mines that are respectful of their environment. It’s no wonder they are known as one of the top ethical Spanish jewelry brands.

Price: From 59 €
Best for: Fairmined certified gold, double-certified diamonds, and sapphire jewelry

5 Best Ethical Jewelry Stores In Spain - Majoral


Mimoke is a fantastic destination for eco-friendly jewelry in Spain. The luxury brand offers bespoke fine jewelry adored with ethically handcrafted lab diamonds. Man-made diamonds are created using a small number of resources and are produced in laboratories with little to no environmental impact. So it’s no wonder why so many ethical jewelry stores in Spain opt for this striking stone.

Born from the balance between science, and innovation, the dazzling collections include pendants, wedding bands, rings, and earrings. The best part? They look just like real diamonds.

Price: from 410 €
Best for: ethical, handmade lab-grown diamond jewelry

5 Best Ethical Jewelry Stores In Spain - Mimoke

Luz De Nehca

Luz de Nehca is the first sustainable jewelry brand in Spain! Much like all our favorite ethical Spanish jewelry brands, Luz De Nehca uses certified metals certified which have been vetted and verified by the responsible mining alliance Fairmined. Most gorgeous jewels are crafted with Fairmined plated sterling gold and are adorned with zirconia crystals – a popular diamond alternative that’s It's affordable, conflict-free, and looks just like a real diamond.

Price: From €59
Best for: Ethical jewelry made of Fairmined plated sterling gold & zirconia crystals

5 Best Ethical Jewelry Stores In Spain - luz de Nehca

Small Affaire

Founder Nuria Blázquez and her partner Manuel have carried on a tradition that goes back three generations in the Blázquez family. In fact, this ethical jewelry shop is one of the first in Spain to be entirely online. The sustainable jewelry blends tradition with fresher, more modern ideas which makes them very versatile and easy to wear.

They manufacture slow jewelry in Spain with the best state-of-the-art equipment but maintain the manual tradition of the artisans together with their expertise and use high-quality materials. You can find sustainable jewelry adorned with zircon sets or opt for sleek, minimalistic 18k gold plated necklaces. Either way, Small Affaire is one of the best ethical jewelry stores in Spain for affordable, dazzling pieces!

Price: From €52
Best for: affordable zircon diamond jewelry

5 Best Ethical Jewelry Stores In Spain - small affaire


Proud winners of the NATIONAL CRAFTSMANSHIP AWARD, Koetania is not only one of the best sustainable jewelry in Spain, but also a fantastic destination for luxurious, bespoke jewelry for every occasion "We belong to the generation where everything personalized is better" the Barcelona-based brand mentioned about their handmade personalization of wedding bands and engagement rings.

What’s more, the company is committed to the transparency and traceability of the ethically sourced materials that they use to tell the human story behind their jewelry. Their Atelier uses ecological and sustainable gold with the Fairmined certified seal, coming from responsible mining communities and endorsed by the ARM (Alliance for Responsible Mining).

In other words, Koetania is one of the best ethical jewelry stores in Spain for eco-conscious jewelry aficionados who cherish unique, personalized jewels.

Price: various
Best for: custom, personalized fine jewelry

5 Best Ethical Jewelry Stores In Spain - koetania

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