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The 5 Best Sustainable Furniture Brands In Europe

From ultra-comfy sofas and durable office desks to non-toxic nursery furniture and display-worthy dinner tables, the best sustainable European furniture brands are ready to outfit your entire safe space! But why should I invest in affordable European furniture brands when I can just hit the local store, we hear you ask. Unfortunately, traditional furniture is laden with dozens of harmful chemicals.

Why choose sustainable European furniture brands?

Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, Benzene, Vinyl Acetate. These hard-to-pronounce chemicals are notorious for releasing toxic fumes into the air when they reach a certain temperature. This process, also known as off-gassing, can cause everything from headaches, nausea, loss of coordination, and eye, and nose to throat irritation. Thus far, these chemical contaminants have been linked to around 180 human diseases and health conditions.

Formaldehyde, for example, takes about two years to off-gas back to normal levels. Yes, that’s right! Chemicals are persistent and linked directly to health problems. The best sustainable furniture brands Europe has to offer, on the other hand, thrive on creating home staples that are completely safe and free of all toxic chemicals.

Instead of VOCs, our favorite non-toxic furniture stores stay away from harmful stain and water-resistant coatings as well as all toxic dyes and treatments. They use sustainably-sourced wood, safe and non-toxic polyurethane finishes, Water-based paints, and many more safe materials!

Read on to discover the best ethical furniture brands in Europe:

  • Kovac Family
  • Lakaluk
  • Mulet
  • Room in a box

The Best Sustainable Furniture Brands In Europe

Kovac Family

Whether it’s a total home overhaul or a simple one-room upgrade, Kovac Family, one of the most affordable European furniture brands, can help you turn your home into a minimalist bohemian wonderland. The family-owned company has a deep care for the environment and a strong desire to create a better future for us and our Planet. And these values reflect in their creations.

They use 100% sustainably sourced Rattan and FSC Certified wood finished with the finest locally sourced wax by hand made in Stockholm, Sweden to create chairs and matching tables. They also offer artisanal lamps made of 25 pieces by hand in their own Swedish workshop. Their end goal? To make sustainable, long-lasting furniture available for everyone.

Price: from €339
Best for: Chairs, tables & lamps

El Green Mall - Best Sustainable Furniture Brands In Europe - Kovac


Lakaluk, a small creative studio based in Tallinn, specializes in montessori furniture, nursery decor, and interior accessories. Founded by Kertu, the brand uses eco-friendly materials to create products that last a lifetime. Inspired by Scandinavian design, minimalism, geometry, and nature, Lakaluk's handmade and hand-painted products aim to connect children with natural materials, fostering creativity and responsibility.

Best for: Montessori Learning Tower

The 5 Best Sustainable Furniture Brands In Europe - Lakaluk


The Spanish ethical furniture brand Mulet should definitely be on your eco radar. They focus on traveling through Spain recovering trunks and wood in order to give them a brand new life. This way customers can receive unique, authentic pieces, with years of history and beautiful imperfections.

The entire restoration and manufacturing process is done purely by hand. Including sawing, natural drying, the selection of parts, machining, sanitizing, assembly, and finishing. So whether you are looking for a new bench, a TV table, shelves, a dining table, or a headboard, the natural edge and whimsical contour of Mulet’s furniture will definitely steal your heart.

Price: €80
Best for: Tables

El Green Mall - Best Sustainable Furniture Brands in Europe - Mulet is a fantastic, new-generation design Polish brand with a versatile lineup of all-star sideboards, poufs, beds, tables, shelves, benches, and stands –just to name a few. They are ready to enhance your living room, bedroom, home office, dining room, and hallway with non-toxic, eco-friendly, and timeless additions that boast personality. More precisely, their designs are manufactured responsibly in Poland, mostly from recycled materials, and are shipped flat-packed with almost no use of plastic.

The materials of choice? FSC-certified wood and recycled polymers. We absolutely love their clean yet playful and fun aesthetic that can match pretty much every color scheme and style with ease. Plus, every purchase helps them with their mission to plant 100 mln m² of Forever Forest by 2030! No wonder why they are touted as one of the most sustainable furniture brands in Europe.

Price: From €181
Best for: poufs, tv stands & side tables

El Green Mall - Best Sustainable Furniture Brands in Europe -

Room In A Box

Since 2013, Room in a Box has been revolutionizing furniture with sustainable and inexpensive cardboard pieces. Their modular construction methods provide high flexibility of use, and the cardboard used is 54-80% recycled material. The furniture is preassembled by hand, using vegan starch glue and environmentally friendly water-based inks. Even better, for every product sold, Room in a Box plants a tree through their partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, contributing to a circular and eco-conscious approach.

Price: from 19,90 €
Best for: Modular Furniture

The 5 Best Sustainable Brands

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