The Best Reusable Diaper Brands In Europe: Eco-friendly & Fair

The Best Reusable Diaper Brands In Europe: Eco-friendly & Fair

Are you frantically looking for the best reusable diaper brands in Europe to help you cut down waste? You are not alone! Opting for reusable cloth diapers will save you approximately €1000+ per CHILD. You heard that right! For the first year alone, the cost savings are approximately €600. And while this is a fantastic excuse to swap disposable diapers for the most raved-about cloth diapers made in Europe, it’s far from being the only one.

Why Consider Choosing The Best Reusable Diaper Brands In Europe?

According to stats from the nappy and absorbent hygienic product (AHP) industries, 30 million tonnes of their products end up in the world's landfills. In fact, Europe accounts for 8.5 million tonnes alone, equivalent to almost 30 landfills every year. Our precious little babies are responsible for over 5000 diapers in their lifetime. So it’s no surprise that a 2014 Environmental Protection Agency report found that disposable diapers account for 7 percent of nondurable household waste in landfills. That’s exactly what the best European cloth diaper brands try to change.

Aside from being extremely pricey and a huge source of waste, according to the Real Diaper Association (RDA), disposable diapers contain harsh chemicals associated with birth defects, miscarriage, cancer, and genetic damage. Reusable diapers for babies are, evidently, the most eco-conscious and safest option!

Here’s a list of the most popular reusable cloth diaper brands in Europe you should put on your eco radar.

  • Bamboolik
  • Blümchen
  • Petitlulu
  • Judes Family
  • Three Little Imps

The Healthiest Reusable Diaper Brands Europe Has To Offers


The Czech Republic-based company Bamboolik is ready to help new moms on their non-toxic, low-waste journey with reusable cloth diapers made in Europe from top-quality European fabrics. Currently, you can choose between the most comfortable Pocket Diapers, or the combination of Diaper Covers and Absorbing Inserts in case you prefer the versatile AI2 diaper system.

The Diaper Cover fits from birth to potty (approx. from 4 to 15 kg) and is equipped with double gussets around the legs that are 100% leakproof. Because it is made of Bamboo terry, the covers have great and quick absorbing capacity. Aside from the many money-saving sets, Bamboolik also offers cutesy, reusable swim diapers for babies to make all your water activities safe!

They cherry of the cake? All their products are manufactured in the Czech Republic, from certified European materials. Approximately a half of their production is made in sheltered workshops that employ people with a disability. They run a small sewing factory that qualifies as a social enterprise, employing women with a disadvantage at the Labour Market.

Price: from €26,00
Best for: organic cotton reusable diapers, leak-proof diaper covers and swim diapers

Best Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats In Germany - Bamboolik


Touted as one of the best reusable diaper brands Europe has to offer, Blümchen’s reusable cloth diapers for babies are available in a lew of adorable designs. Think Sleepy lions, striped moose, cute koalas, little knights, mama bears, magical unicorns, and more reusable diaper options. All adorable styles are made of 100% GOTS and OEKO-TEX® certified organic cotton. You can also choose a very
absorbent bamboo nappy made of the very finest, elastic bamboo terrycloth with a pocket function ideal for nighttime. Wonderfully soft, breathable, skin-friendly, and irresistibly sweet, this brand from Germany has all your baby-related needs covered.

Price: from €21.18
Best for: Organic cotton and bamboo reusable diapers, 2 in 1 System

Best Reusable Diaper Brands In Europe - Blumchen


Petitlulu is not only one of the best reusable diaper brands in Europe, but also one of the most sustainable options thus far. The small Czech company offers a proprietary Fluffy Organic line made of natural materials (bamboo and bio-cotton terrycloth), ideal for little ones with dermatologic issues and allergies. All reusable cloth diapers for newborns and babies are made in the Czech Republic with modern technologies that save a lot of waste.

You can find their wide range of “The Petit Lulu Prefold Covers” with fleece flaps designed to fit most babies between 5-16 kg, according to the child's proportions. As for the one-size, fitted cloth nappies, they promise to grow with your baby and be adjusted to the required size thanks to 3 rows of snaps on the front rise. The range of non-toxic reusable diapers also includes liners, potty training pants, and an array of accessories.

Price: from €20,90
Best for: Reusable diapers, nappy covers

Best Reusable Diaper Brands In Europe - petitlulu

Judes Family

Known as one of the most simplistic European cloth diaper brands of 2023, Judes Family helps us cut down waste with a simple formula: 100% organic cotton combined with super absorbent and utterly comfy diaper covers made of 100% certified recycled PUL. The latter adapts to the body and stays tight day and night for Up to 12 hours.

The innovative fabric is surprisingly thin and yet very absorbent which is exactly what we need from a high-quality reusable diaper. Also, the German brand offers a risk-free trial package with a 100-day money-back guarantee –yes, they are that certain about the performance!

Price: from 17,95€
Best for: reusable diapers

Best Reusable Diaper Brands In Europe - Judes Family

Three Little Imps

Three Little Imps’ range of reusable cloth diapers comes in sets of 6 and 12 and are suitable for all body shapes and sizes from 3 to 13 kg. The company has equipped them with 2 super soft microfibre inserts for extra protection. These 2 inserts are further enhanced with 3 layers of soft microfibre to help draw moisture away from your baby. As for the outer layer, it is made of quick-drying waterproof and, breathable Polyester PUL. You can also find plenty of options made of organic bamboo! It’s no wonder why the French company is touted as one of the best reusable diaper brands in Europe!

Price: from 12,95€
Best for: Reusable diapers, swim nappies, potty training nappies

Best Reusable Diaper Brands In Europe - Three Little Imps


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