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Best Vegan & Natural European Body Care Brands

Lately, one of the most-repeated skincare declarations on social media is that newbies and beauty pros alike swear to never use animal-based formulas ever again. And with so many vegan European body care brands at our disposal, this quest suddenly becomes extremely easier. You see, organic vegan body care products have nothing to be jealous of. On the contrary, they are chock full of skin-loving, non-irritating ingredients that won’t disturb your body's natural balance.

Chemicals in cosmetics, on the other hand, can get absorbed through the skin, accumulate inside the body, and cause harm to internal organs. To top it all off, they are also associated with impaired immune function, certain cancers, increased risks of diabetes, obesity, and endocrine disruption. That’s certainly not the case with the best vegan European body care brands.

But be careful! Vegan doesn’t always equal cruelty-free. Animal testing is both cruel and wasteful so we made sure to include the only best of the best Vegan and cruelty-free body care brands Europe has to offer, ahead.

Bonus point, all vegan body care products are neatly packaged in reusable and/or recyclable containers in order to minimize waste.

The Best Vegan European Body Care Brands With Organic Formulas

Eliah Sahil

Eliah Sahil offers a wide range of certified organic, vegan, and transport-optimized/zero waste personal care products. Created by Silvio Perpmer, this brand prioritizes environmental sustainability and reduces waste through innovative solutions.

Using only pure, unmodified ingredients, Eliah Sahil ensures the highest quality in their products. With essences derived from herbs, flowers, and minerals, like rose or soapnut seed oil, healing clay, and ginseng, their formulas deliver exceptional results without compromising nature's integrity. The brand works closely with farmers in India, guaranteeing organic sourcing and a commitment to vegan and cruelty-free practices.

The brand embraces a zero-waste concept, offering recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Their powder shampoo, packed in lightweight aluminium cans, is perfect for travel. By choosing Eliah Sahil, you contribute to a sustainable future. The brand supports projects dedicated to children's health and the preservation of wild bees.

Price: from €12,99
Best for: organic body oil, organic pregnancy body oil

Best Vegan & Natural European Body Care Brands - El Green Mall


Moreva is a handmade skincare shop committed to creating products that are good for your skin and the planet, but also the cutest soaps you have ever seen. With a focus on natural ingredients, they carefully select nourishing components for their products, ensuring a healthier skincare experience.

Sustainability is a core value at Moreva. They source ingredients sustainably and use eco-friendly packaging, minimizing their environmental impact. Ethical practices are maintained throughout their supply chain, guaranteeing responsible skincare solutions. Each product at Moreva is meticulously crafted with love and attention to detail, providing a superior skincare experience. Their soaps leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and healthy, thanks to the natural goodness they contain.

Price: from €8,90
Best for: handmade body soap, sustainable gifts

Best Vegan & Natural European Body Care Brands - Moreva


4 People Who Care

The Denmark-based body care brand offers an array of sustainable, eco-conscious vegan European skincare products with no plastic. Solid cosmetics have many advantages. Aside from minimizing unnecessary packaging completely, the creams are also guaranteed not to leak and last significantly more than tube-packaged products.

But what makes 4 People Who Care one of the cruelty-free and vegan body care brands Europe has to offer? Their top-notch organic ingredients. Think Eucalyptus, Sheabutter, Rosemary, Olive oil, and aloe vera – just to name a few. On top of that, every formula is packed in reusable glass, tin, or cardboard containers that are recyclable and display-worthy–if we may add.

Price: from €8,90
Best for: foot creams & hand creams

 Best Vegan European Body Care Brands - 4 People Who Care


No Cosmetics

For vegan European skincare products, look no further than No Cosmetics. The German beauty brand creates products for every skin type formulated without silicones, parabens, mineral oils, or animal-based ingredients.

From coconut oil-rich soothing lip balms that nourish and protect tender lips to raved-about facials oil that provides radiantly fresh skin thanks to the real 24-carat gold 24-carat gold particles and wild rose oil combo, the options are so many! Let’s not forget the clean Retinol Serum that promises to reduce wrinkles by harvesting the power of Vitamin A + Power-Retinol. Yes, organic vegan body care never look that good before!

Price: from €7,95
Best for: serums & cleansers

Best Vegan European Body Care Brands - No Cosmetics


It’s not every day that we see Vegan European Body Care brands with such a promising range of vegan and cruelty-free formulas. The Copenhagen-based company solely uses glass and cardboard packaging which is a big plus. However, their organic hair serum, lash & brow serum, and face oil separate Naturligolie from the eco-crowd. The secret? Non-greasy textures based on natural ingredients and pioneering biotechnology.

Some options stimulate hair growth and hair density. Others reduce hair loss. No matter your needs, this vegan European body care brand definitely knows how to use strong antioxidants with a protective effect to take your hair and brows to new heights.

Price: from €17,50
Best for: face oils, serums & skincare tools

Best Vegan European Body Care Brands - Naturligolie
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