Zero waste and circular products from the Netherlands

Zero waste and circular products from the Netherlands

We all agree. Our planet would benefit a lot if we would all start to embrace the zero-waste lifestyle. But let’s be honest, sustainable products and eco-friendly options are not always so easy to find.

Even though zero-waste stores are now on the rise in the Netherlands, if you live in a small community or if you’re extremely busy with work, you may not always have the time to invest in finding the right items. 

This is exactly why we decided to create this post! Here is a list of zero-waste stores in the Netherlands selling a variety of products for your everyday life. Solid shampoo, sustainable candles, reusable pads, but also food, such as snacks, beans, pasta… You will never waste your time again looking for the perfect zero-waste store. 

These online brands will provide you with all you need on a daily basis and will take away the stress of constantly having to look for a new shop to find that eco-friendly item to add to your kitchen.

Zero Waste Stores and Products from Dutch Companies

Beewise Amsterdam

Beewise was born thanks to Carina, a Brazilian product designer who moved to Amsterdam in 2016. Her love for the environment and sustainability emerged when as a kid she would spend her vacations at her Austrian grandmother’s farm in Brazil. Carina’s grandma lived the ideal eco-friendly lifestyle, growing her own food, and healing her body with plants and teas. 

It was later in life, in 2019 that Carina realized how that simple lifestyle is so needed today and decided to found her own brand, Beewise Amsterdam. 

This company sells a variety of sustainable products you didn’t know you needed but soon won’t be able to do without. From bamboo toothbrushes to beeswax food wrap sets and loofah dish sponges, this website has a variety eco-friendly options for your bathroom, kitchen, and for when you’re on the go. 

Beewise’s main aim is to avoid waste and this is why this company sells only products that are made to last or that are fully biodegradable. 

Prices: €8.95 for a solid shampoo bar, and €3.55 for a loofah sponge.
Best for: House items. 

 Zero waste and circular products from the Netherlands - Beewise

Boavista Circular

Boavista Circular was founded in 2021 by Flavia Corrente. This entrepreneur was born in Brazil in a little town called Joinville. Here, she grew up reusing clothes worn by friends and relatives and playing with toys received from other families. 

Circular economy was the norm in this area before this term became so widespread all over the world. 

When Flavia arrived in the Netherlands she realized how due to the worrying climate crisis we are all living, the lifestyle she was so used to as a kid had become a necessity for our planet. This is why she decided to found Boavista Circular.

This brand sells a variety of cleaning products that are fully natural and environmentally friendly. From sponges made from fishing nets taken from our oceans to eco dish soap in refillable terracotta containers and coconut shells soap dispensers, start browsing through this website and you will never stop. 

Boavista’s items are not only useful but also feature an elegant minimal and natural look that suits every house. This brand also reuses the cardboxes received from their supplier, so don’t be surprised if the package you receive seems somehow second-hand, because it is! 

Prices: €9.90 for a dish sponge, €4.50 for an eco dish soap bar.
Best for: Cleaning products.

 Zero waste and circular products from the Netherlands - Boavista


Sho Moon is the best brand out there if you’re looking for a sustainable scented candle. Made from 100% pure essential oil without any booster or synthetic fragrance, Sho Moon products are the perfect Christmas present for your jogi friend or - why not? - for yourself! 

The wax used in the manufacturing processes is fully vegan and each candle is refillable to fight waste. 

Sho-moon’s official website also features a candle quiz with a variety of questions to answer in order to find your ideal scent. 

Prices: €39.90 for a calm meditation candle.
Best for: Refillable candles.

Zero waste and circular products from the Netherlands - Sho Moon

Oodles and Pinches

From reusable menstrual pads to bamboo shaving brushes, to a variety of foods such as nuts, pasta, and seeds, Oodles and Pinches is your new eco-friendly supermarket to buy all you need on a daily basis. 

This brand collaborates with a number of companies to sell products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Some of these include Attitude, Bambaw, Beauty Made Easy, Bee’s Wrap, and many, many others. 

Prices: €7.95 for a shampoo bar, €14.50 for a kg of pumpkin seeds, and €0.50 for a jar of Marseille soap flakes.
Best for: Everyday items, food, and more.

Zero waste and circular products from the Netherlands

Plastic Free Amsterdam

Plastic Free Amsterdam sells a variety of products, such as food, bathroom products, home fragrances, Christmas decorations… the list goes on and on. 

But what brings together all these items? They are free from plastic and can be reused over and over again. 

Plastic Free Amsterdam offers 100% plastic-free shipping options and has a 14-day return policy.

This is also the ideal store to pick up your Christmas presents as not only does the online store have plenty of cool sustainable gifts for your relatives and friends but also offers digital gift cards for those people you never know what to get. 

Prices: €9.95 for a Christmas Tree Beeswax candle, €15.95 for reusable paper towels, and €2.78 for a bamboo toothbrush.
Best for: Everyday items, food, Christmas purchases, and more

Zero waste and circular products from the Netherlands 

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