The House Project

Foundation General Mission

At The House Project, we bring light and hope to forgotten corners of the world. Our mission is to transform every space into a bright and welcoming home. Focused on assistance and development, we touch lives in India, Jordan, Venezuela, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. Our motto, "Where the Light Is Always On," underscores our constant dedication to those who need it most.

Our organization was founded by the Montaner Family. The roots of our non-profit initiative go back nearly 20 years, but the organization was renamed "The House Project" in October 2022. Our longstanding dedication to making a positive impact on those in need remains unwavering, and the name change reflects our vision for the future.

About The Environment

At BlueHouse in the Dominican Republic, we work to create transformative ecosystems that improve the quality of life, the good living of communities and promote development, starting with Los Robalos, a town of 4,000 inhabitants in the province of Samaná.

We do this hand in hand with the community in five priority and viable areas to achieve the development we desire: housing renovation, environmental awareness and improvement, cultural and sports progress, promotion of human and animal health, and the strengthening of high quality, comprehensive and holistic education through a different model.