Best sustainable winter jackets in Europe

Best sustainable winter jackets in Europe

FjallRavenWith winter now around the corner, you may have suddenly realized it is time to get a new extra warm, extra large, extra cozy jacket. However, finding an eco-friendly and sustainable brand that produces flattering fits and uses good-quality materials can be extremely challenging.

If you only have a few hours available every day for yourself, you surely don’t want to spend them in the endless search for environmentally friendly companies. Luckily, you don’t have to, because we did it for you.

Winter jackets can range from sporty outdoor pieces designed to endure the elements to fashion garments that complement our ethical outfit choicesHere is a list of our top eco-friendly winter jacket brands.

  • Patagonia
  • Ecoalf
  • Finisterre
  • Knowledge Cotton Apparel
  • NA-KD
  • FjallRaven
  • Helly Hansen
  • Bamboo Clothing


The Top Sustainable Winter Jackets Brands


We obviously must start this list with Patagonia. If you would love to be an environmental activist but lack the time to do so, buying a winter jacket from Patagonia can be the perfect compromise. This brand is involved in a number of campaigns with various aims ranging from protecting our oceans and marine wildlife to providing help to the people living in vulnerable areas now being threatened by climate change.

On top of this, Patagonia is part of the ‘1% for the Planet Alliance’, a group of businesses devoting 1% of their profits to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. 

This brand has over 130 sustainable winter jackets and vests designed for all occasions: from a cold hike in the Alps to a winter walk on the beach. All Patagonia’s products are fair trade and made from the best eco-friendly materials.

Prices: From €140 for a pile vest up to €800 for the best skiing jackets.
Why we love them: A vast variety of eco-friendly coats and fleece jackets for all occasions, 1% of profits devoted to the planet, active in several environmental campaigns.

 Best sustainable winter jackets in Europe - Patagonia


Ecoald was founded in 2009 by Javier Goyeneche. After the birth of his two sons, this entrepreneur realized the importance of preserving and protecting our Earth for future generations. This is why he decided to found a brand whose aim was to be as sustainable as possible. 

As of today, Ecoalf’s main initiative is ‘Upcycling the Oceans’, involving over 4,200 fishermen cleaning the oceans by recycling the trash caught in their nets. Since its beginning in 2015, this initiative has recovered over 1,000 tons of trash that was then recycled and given a new life. 

This is only one of Ecoalf's many projects. For instance, last year this brand was able to open its first Net Zero store in Madrid. But let’s talk about their products, shall we?

Ecoalf has a variety of puffer jackets available in neutral colors, featuring a basic, elegant design. For every item on Ecoalf's website, you will find the amount of water and CO2 saved to produce it. This brand also uses materials such as recycled wool, cotton, and polyester.

Prices: From €180 up to €500.
Why we love them: Committed to saving the oceans from trash, on a mission to become a Net Zero brand by 2030. 

Best sustainable winter jackets in Europe - Ecoalf


Finisterre is another brand whose aim is to protect our oceans and ensure equal access to our seas for all. This brand does so in a number of ways. 

For instance, according to Finisterre’s 2022 report, 92% of the brand’s products manufactured in 2022 were made with organic, recycled, and natural materials. On top of this, this company launched the first closed-loop wetsuit recycling program, collecting over 1,000 suits. But this is not all. About 78% of Finisterre’s stores are currently powered with renewable electricity and last year, the company donated £2 to a UK charity providing swimming lessons for kids with disabilities for every purchased product. 

Finisterre sells a number of high-quality sustainable winter jackets designed for sportive people featuring neutral, and sometimes, bold colors. 

Prices: From €180 up to €535.
Why we love them: Devoted to give equal access to our oceans for all, eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

 Best sustainable winter jackets in Europe - finisterre

Knowledge Cotton Apparel 

Knowledge Cotton Apparel was founded in 2008 by Mads Mørup, with the belief that it is not profit that dictates the success of a company, but its mission. 

This is why for the last ten years, this brand has collaborated with Chetna, an organization working with over 15,000 farming families living in rainy parts of Eastern and Central India in the production of organic cotton. 

Knowledge Cotton Apparel sells a variety of eco-friendly winter jackets and sustainable coats for men and women. The brand only offers a few different fits in a limited color palette but all their products are characterized by a sporty-casual look. Many of their jackets are made from recycled post-consumer polyester. 

Prices: From €200 up to €500.
Why we love them: In collaboration with over 15,000 farming families in India, 100% organic cotton. 

Best sustainable winter jackets in Europe - knowledge cotton apparel


NA-KD is a Swedish brand currently aiming to reduce its carbon footprint on our planet. Some of the goals this company has set for itself include a 50% reduction of absolute emissions by 2030 compared to 2020 and 100% recycled, organic, or other lower-impact materials for all its products by 2030. 

NA-KD is also trying to promote a circular economy. This is why in 2021, this company launched NA-KD Circle, an integrated marketplace where customers had the possibility to buy second-hand clothes rather than new ones.

Prices: From €65 up to €150.
Why we love them: On a clear mission to reduce their impact on our environment, ‘more sustainable’-labeled products made from recycled materials.

Best sustainable winter jackets in Europe - na-kd


FjallRaven is another Swedish brand that specializes in outdoor clothes and equipment. If you live in Europe you surely saw their compact colorful backpack with the famous sleeping fox logo. 

This brand is currently on a journey to reduce its environmental impact through a number of commitments. For instance, FjallRaven is now prioritizing organic, renewable, and recycled fabrics whenever possible. 

This company has also been fluorocarbons-free since 2012. These are dangerous chemicals that do not break down in nature and often end up stored in living organisms.  

FjallRaven only does business with companies following the Fair Labor Association’s Workplace Code of Conduct, which covers laws ensuring human rights, anti-corruption, and animal welfare, such as the ban on practices including live-plucking and force-feeding.

Talking about their products, FjallRaven sells a variety of outdoor jackets in a range of bright colors.

Prices: From €170 up to €700.
Why we love them: On a mission to become a greener brand, a vast array of jackets and coats, only in collaboration with businesses adhering to the Fair Labor Association’s Workplace Code of Conduct. 

Best sustainable winter jackets in Europe - fjallraven

Helly Hansen

Here is another company on a journey to limit its impact on the environment. Helly Hansen’s main goal is the creation of products able to last a lifetime to limit the detrimental effects of consumerism. 

In terms of materials used, Helly Hansen is now moving towards more sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton, even though common cotton is still largely used. 

This brand is also working with suppliers that have gone through several inspections to make sure all workers are fairly compensated and provided with a safe and ethical work environment. Helly Hansen offers a variety of sportive jackets in bold and bright colors.

Prices: From €70 up to €320.
Why we love them: Great variety of products, on a mission to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Best sustainable winter jackets in Europe - Helly Hansen

Bamboo Clothing

Last on our list is Bamboo Clothing, another brand currently on a mission to become a more ethical and eco-friendly company. In 2021, this brand became a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, a non-profit organization whose aim is to improve conditions in garment factories. Some of their labor standards include no discrimination in the workplace, no child labor, freedom of association, and more. 

Bamboo Clothing is also prioritizing eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton and bamboo viscose. 

Prices: From €50 up to €210.
Why we love them: Fair Wear Foundation members, use of eco-friendly materials whenever possible.

Best sustainable winter jackets in Europe - bamboo clothing 

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