Outdoor Sustainable Brands: Hoodies, Sweaters & Jackets

The 6 Best European Outdoor Sustainable Brands

If you are an avid traveler, outdoors explorer, or winter sports enthusiast, you probably already know the best and warmest layering tricks to optimize your cold-weather outfits every winter. But did you know that there are plenty of European outdoor sustainable brands that are up and ready to help you upgrade your outdoor gear in the most eco-conscious way possible?

To achieve successful layering and keep yourself comfy while hiking, cycling, or skiing you’ll need one if not all of the following staples. A waterproof jacket, some ultra-warm base layers, a heavy-duty pair of trousers, and an easy-to-wear bag that can help you carry all your essentials with ease. That means naturally thermoregulating and extra durable fabrics that can put up with whatever life throws at them. And that’s not exactly the easiest feat.

Luckily, our favorite ethical outdoor clothing brands have you covered.

Instead of polyester and a slew of toxic treatments, the sustainable outdoor gear below is enhanced with PFC-free water-repellent coating, environmentally friendly crude oil alternatives, and weather-proof fibers like wool, organic cotton, and hemp. Some brands offer recyclable, renewable, biodegradable outdoor clothing while others recycled PET bottles and turn them into ridiculously warm jackets for your future mountain adventures.

But we know the real explorers are looking for more than clothes! That's why we included not only outdoors sportswear brands but also companies offering conscious climbing gear, solar batteries, lighting options and more!

If you're exploring the full scope of sustainable outdoor gear, supplement your search from rugged jackets to durable boots to discover the best sustainable European outdoor brands.

All in all, here’s our foolproof list of sustainable outdoor clothing and gear brands in Europe that thrive on being kind to the Planet and all its inhabitants.

  • Passenger
  • Vaude
  • Houdini Sportswear
  • Sierra
  • Biolite
  • Patagonia

The Best European Outdoor Sustainable Brands With Ethical Gear


Fueled by their mission to help outdoorsy folks “embrace the journeys to come, while leaving the smallest of footprints”, Passenger, UK's fastest-growing online ethical outdoor clothing brand, has created the ultimate adventure staples for explorers. Crafted to withstand a life of meaningful escapism, their fleece jackets, hoodies, puffers, leggings, footwear, and basics are as stylish as they are sustainable. You can also find cuddle-worthy accessories like blankets and towels! The brand uses eco-conscious materials like Recycled Sherpa-Fleece, recycled poly, PFC-free water-repellent coating, Hemp, and Organic Cotton.

On top of that, Passenger has already planted more than 475,298 native trees in turf all over the globe with the help of their conservation partners.

Price: From €30
Best for: jackets, hoodies & cardigans

El Green Mall - Best Outdoor Sustainable Brands - Passenger


We couldn’t talk about the best European outdoor sustainable brands without mentioning the german, climate-neutral company Vaude. Ready to dress every Sustainable innovative outdoor outfitter for all their future mountain and bike adventures, Vaude's shelves are over-packed with fair and eco-friendly products.

Folks love the brand’s sustainable backpacks but their Ski Touring Collection and cycling gear are equally coveted.

Plus, they are experts at recycling waste tires and turning them into an environmentally friendly crude oil alternative. Other items are made of recycled fabric that is made from sources such as PET plastic bottles, surplus materials from the production of polyester, or used fishing nets. You can browse products by activity or by category. Either way, you’ll love them!

Price: From €53
Best for: backpacks, bike bags, pants & jackets

El Green Mall - Best Outdoor Brands In Europe - Vaude

Houdini Sportswear

Whether you love training, hiking, skiing, or biking, Hoodini Sportwear deserves a place in your “European sustainable outdoor clothing brands” checklist. They offer a wide range of waterproof breathable clothing made from circular performance fabrics with no chemicals.

In fact, 100% of all the fabrics they use are recycled, recyclable, renewable, biodegradable, or Bluesign-certified. Also, there are rental and repair services available as well as second-hand sales to further reinforce their circularity pledge.

Recently, the brand opened the world’s first compost for worn-out sportswear at the beautiful Rosendals Garden in Stockholm. Now, you can return any worn-out Houdini garment and they will make sure nothing goes to waste and that the raw material can be used for new products.

Price: From €100
Best for: zip-ups, jackets & middle-layers

El Green Mall - Best Outdoor Sustainable Brand - Houdini


Sierra, the embodiment of "Conscious Climbing," emerges from a profound commitment to environmental responsibility. Designed by climbers for climbers, Sierra promotes a minimalist approach to consumption, offering purposeful climbing essentials that prioritize both performance and sustainability. The brand envisions a conscious world where possessions are intentional and acquired through fair consumption.

Sierra stands out not just for its climbing gear but for its unwavering dedication to ecological responsibility. All products and raw materials boast ecological origins, and Sierra sets a new standard by adopting 100% recyclable and compostable packaging. Embracing local fabrics and handmade craftsmanship in Barcelona, Sierra proudly aligns with Catalonia's rich textile history, symbolizing over 150 years of commitment to quality and sustainability.

Every Sierra product is a testament to ethical sourcing and responsible consumption, creating a wardrobe that aligns with environmental values.

Price: From €15,40
Best for: climbing gear

The Best European Outdoor Sustainable Brands - Sierra Conscious Climbing


Award-winning gear to cook, charge, and light life outside and off-grid. 

BioLite, a brand with a mission to "Empower People & Protect Our Planet through access to renewable energy," envisions a future where the planet's well-being is a shared responsibility. Dedicated to providing clean energy access, BioLite aims to empower 20 million individuals and prevent 3 million tons of CO2e emissions by 2025. Operating from Nairobi, Kenya, the BioLite Emerging Markets (EM) Team collaborates with partners across 23 countries, offering last-mile distribution, training, and financing to off-grid households.

Their product range is a testament to its commitment to sustainability, offering affordable and durable solutions that harness surrounding energy for cooking, charging, and lighting in daily life. The brand is Climate Neutral certified, underscoring its dedication to minimizing environmental impact. BioLite's product offerings include Power Stations, Headlamps, FirePits, Portable Stoves, Lighting, Batteries & Solar, with bundle options for added convenience.

Best for: Fire pit, camp stove and energy solutions
Price from: $39.95

The Best European Outdoor Sustainable Brands - Biolite


We couldn't finish this list without including Patagonia because when it comes to sustainable outdoor wear, Patagonia stands as a shining example of eco-conscious and durable apparel. Founded in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard, this California-based brand has seamlessly blended outdoor performance with a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility. Patagonia's product line includes a diverse range of clothing and gear crafted from recycled materials and organic fabrics, ensuring both high performance and a reduced ecological footprint. With a reputation for innovation and quality, Patagonia has become a staple for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure wear that aligns with their values. Beyond fashioning top-tier gear, the company is a pioneer in corporate responsibility, actively supporting environmental causes and promoting fair labor practices. As a leader in the sustainable outdoor industry, Patagonia continues to inspire and set the standard for environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices.

Price: t-shirts from 45, jackets from €130
Best for: Winter jackets

The Best European Outdoor Sustainable Brands - Patagonia

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