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Bamboolik Reusable Changing Mat | Color: Animals of the North

Bamboolik Reusable Changing Mat | Color: Animals of the North

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Washable changing mat

A changing mat is a necessary accessory for all parents of diapered children. No matter what type of diapers they use. Bamboolik's changing pads come in handy at a pediatrician's appointment, while traveling, or simply any time you need to change a diaper outside of your usual environment. At home, it protects the crib or stroller from getting wet.

The changing pad has two sides. The side on which the baby lies is made of soft bamboo terry cloth. The second side of the changing mat is made of 100% laminated polyester. Thanks to this, it can be placed in the crib or stroller as a waterproof protection without the child sweating in the back area. 

The changing pad should be washed at 60°C before first use. Afterwards please hang them up. They are not suitable for the dryer and should not be ironed.


Contact layer: 80% bamboo viscose, 20% polyester. Outer layer: 100% laminated polyester.

Care Instructions

Please wash before first use. Wash at max. 60°C. No soft fabrics, not suitable for tumble dryer, no ironing (the waterproof coating can be damaged with it).

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