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Bamboolik Reusable Sanitary Pad | Satin & Organic Cotton | Color: Set of 4: Red, Pink, Yellow, Dark Blue, Variant: Gift Box (Push Button)

Bamboolik Reusable Sanitary Pad | Satin & Organic Cotton | Color: Set of 4: Red, Pink, Yellow, Dark Blue, Variant: Gift Box (Push Button)

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Washable cloth sanitary napkin | Satin & Organic Cotton

In the course of her fertile life, a woman produces on average about 150 kg of the hard-to-degrade waste (disposable hygiene products).

Would you like to protect our environment from this? Try the washable cloth sanitary napkins. Soon you will find out that these cloth sanitary towels have even more advantages! 

What are the advantages of cloth sanitary napkins compared to traditional sanitary napkins?
  • They are incredibly soft and comfortable. The conventional sanitary napkins are made of the plastics, among others. We use organic cotton for the production of sanitary towels. This organic cotton is GOTS certified.
  • Thanks to the organic cotton, our cloth sanitary napkins are much more breathable than the disposable sanitary napkins for women. So they are perfect for the women who struggle with constantly recurring infections or similar problems.
  • They are very thin and absorbent at the same time.
  • Our cloth sanitary napkins have a perfectly fitting cut. Other cloth sanitary napkins on the market are very often made of only one piece (including wings). But our cloth sanitary napkins are not! In our cloth sanitary napkins the wings are sewn on separately and separated with a practical hem. This cut then protects them from leaking and slipping.
  • They are beautiful, especially this satin variety. The individual well-being of each woman is meaningful, isn't it? :)
When to use these cloth sanitary napkins?
  • Our cloth sanitary napkins are one of the hygiene products that are perfect for daytime. For the night, you will most likely need something with the even better absorbency (such as our night cloth sanitary napkin). At the end of your period, our panty liners can be helpful.
  • Cloth pads are also suitable for postpartum, when bleeding is already weaker (at the beginning of postpartum, our night cloth pad should fit better).
  • Cloth pads are also very suitable for the light incontinence.
How many cloth pads will I need for one cycle? 

The number of cloth pads depends entirely on the duration and strength of your period. So it is very individual, for every woman it can be different. For the beginning we recommend you to use the same amount of sanitary napkins you used before (disposable). The cloth pads are changed similarly often.  

Not interested in cloth pads? 

No problem! In our team we also have such colleagues. :) In this case, you might be interested in a menstrual cup - this great, sustainable thing has already changed the lives of many women very positively.Women for women!Namely, these cloth pads are sewn by the mothers of young children and single mothers in our sewing workshop.

Care and cleaning

Care and cleaning is quite simple (training with cloth diapers for babies can be helpful). You can find more info here.

Note: After the first washing process the length of a cloth diaper can be a little bit shortened, because it is made of a natural material (100% cotton). So the small shrinkage of this material is quite natural. After the first shrinkage, the length of the cloth bandage is already fixed and will not shrink again.


The plain side (PUL) should be at the bottom, facing the underpants. The patterned side should be up, so the direction of the skin. Then secure the cloth bandage with snap or Velcro. 


See picture for size.


Absorbent layers: 75% organic cotton, 25% cotton. Base layer: 100% laminated polyester. Wings: 100% cotton.

Care Instructions

Before washing, we soak our cloth sanitary napkins in cold water (sometimes with a pinch of salt). It is best to put the washable sanitary napkins in ice-cold water overnight or for several hours. Pour out the water and then immediately put the sanitary napkins in the washing machine. Choose a long wash program and wash at 60°C. Washable sanitary napkins can be put in the dryer.

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