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20L Bio Waste Bags - 56 bags, Made in Germany, 100% biodegradable in less than 6 weeks*

20L Bio Waste Bags - 56 bags, Made in Germany, 100% biodegradable in less than 6 weeks*

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🌱 IDEAL FIT: 53cm height + 14cm handle x 50cm width, circumference = 100cm | 56 bags, 4 rolls of 14 bags each

🌱 MADE IN GERMANY: We keep our promise of sustainable production and resource-saving processes. That's why our organic waste bags are made from high-quality, renewable raw materials from Europe in accordance with the German BioWaste Regulations and are produced directly in Germany in a climate-neutralised process. CO² SAVINGS PER YEAR: more than 5 tonnes 

🌱 100% BIOLOGICALLY DEGRADABLE AND 100% COMPOSTABLE: Are you looking for a way to dispose of your organic waste in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way? Our bin liners are DINplus certified and therefore decompose in less than 6 weeks in an industrial composting plant. Our bin liners are made from CO² neutralised corn starch and can be disposed of in the organic waste bin or compost. We use certified water-based inks for printing.

🌱 100% CLIMANEUTRALISED & VEGAN: Our organic waste bags are certified 100% climate neutral. From production to shipping to your home, all CO² emissions associated with the product are 100% offset through the use of renewable energy, installation of a modern combined heat and power plant, extensive heat recovery measures and much more. In addition, all our products are vegan. 

🌱 TEAR-RESITANT & LEAK-PROOF: Compared to other suppliers, our organic waste bags are more stable with the same thickness. The multi-layer structure of our bags enables a barrier effect that significantly reduces the penetration of moisture and condensation. We have tested our bags, as well as the organic bags of competitors, for moisture loss. This is up to 10x lower with our bags. 

🌱 REALLY SUSTAINABLE AND FREE OF MICROPLASTICS: Our organic bags are certified according to DINplus and EN 13432 and are therefore demonstrably fully compostable and biodegradable in less than 6 weeks*. Furthermore, our kitchen waste bags contain no plastic or polyethylene and are free from genetically modified raw materials. In addition, our compost bags are OK compost HOME certified.

*compostable in less than 6 weeks in an industrial compost plant


Corn starch

Care Instructions

The bags should be stored in a dry and cool place and not exposed to direct sunlight. Please inform yourself in advance at your local authority about the permissibility of disposing of organic bags in your organic waste bin.

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Within 14 days after receiving your order you can return the products to us.

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