Sustainable Furniture Brands For At Home Office In Europe

Sustainable Furniture Brands For At Home Office In Europe

Whether you want to give your office a complete overhaul or simply want to have a bit of an upgrade, the sustainable furniture brands for at home office in Europe below will tick all your quality and aesthetic boxes. Granted, non-toxic home office furniture is a very personal choice. Some might imagine their WFH stations as a soon-to-be maximalist utopia chock full of color and textures. Others might prefer minimalist, sleek sustainable European office furniture in soothing white and gray tones. No matter what category you personally fall under, our favorite European environmentally friendly furniture companies are here to help you bring your vision to life.

Instead of choosing flame retardants and Volatile Organic Compounds that can off-gass, causing headaches, asthma, allergies along with serious illnesses, the sustainable home office furniture brands below choose recycled/ salvaged textiles, certified wood, upcycled materials, water-based finishes, and organic oils to create office chairs, desks, table lamps, and more eco-friendly furniture must-haves.

Of course our fascination with sustainable furniture doesn't limit to office furniture and working-from-home goodies. It extends to all the other rooms of the house. That's why if you want to sustainably furnish more than your office, check our specially curated list of the Best Sustainable Furniture Brands in Europe, or if you are a passionate of handmade furniture and look for more than eco-friendly materials, you can't miss our Best Handmade & Sustainable Furniture for a Conscious House.

In the meantime, let's continue with the list of sustainable desks, chairs and lamps to have your home office furniture on point:

  • Habitat
  • Zeitraum
  • Mater Design
  • Hannun
  • Actiu

Best Brands For Sustainable Home Office Furniture In Europe


Habitat offers you furniture with timeless elegance, favoring noble woods such as oak or walnut as well as marble, and metal. The European environmentally friendly furniture company is known for its seemingly simple designs, skinned from any screws for totally pure lines. The office furniture options might be many, but we are especially enamored with The Beckett desk. A stylish addition that combines high-quality materials, padded leather covers, and oak legs. In other words, it’s a digital-age look back to the 50s. How darn cool is that?

Price: from €39.00
Best for: desks

Sustainable Furniture Brands For At Home Office In Europe - Habitat


Zeitraum is a non-toxic home office furniture brand focused on designing modern, minimalist staples since the 90s. The wood surfaces of ZEITRAUM furniture are impregnated with pure natural oils and waxes. Plus, they use so-called HYDRO pigment stains, in which colored pigments are dissolved in water. The brand also used other sustainably-sourced materials such as wool, natural paper, linoleum, ceramics, and molded fleece. By replacing filling materials in upholstered furniture with material produced using modern molding technology, they also ensure that our new European sustainable home office furniture is as eco-friendly and safe as possible.

Price: from €695
Best for: desks

Sustainable Furniture Brands For At Home Office In Europe - zeitraum

Mater Design

The Danish sustainable brand Mater Design thrives on creating office furniture and lighting with a focus on both social and environmental sustainability. With a distinctive and minimal Scandinavian aesthetic, the European environmentally friendly furniture company uses sustainable and waste materials including steel, brass, FSC-certified linden and oak wood with a soaped finish, and aluminum–just to name a few. In fact, aluminum products are sand-casted of partially recycled, aluminum scrap, like old car components and bicycle wheels. So go ahead and check out their fantastic lineup of non-toxic home office furniture.

Price: from €315
Best for: table lamps

Sustainable Furniture Brands For At Home Office In Europe - Mater Design


Moving on to one of the best brands for sustainable home office furniture in Europe that’s equal parts functional and stylish. Hannun is on a mission to equip our sustainable home office with 100% artisanal pieces made of recycled wood. The Spanish B-certified corporation creates everything from sustainable and reclaimed wooden desks that add warmth and personality to your remote working area, bookstores, lighting, and textiles. The aesthetic is slightly bohemian yet some pieces maintain an industrial feel with vintage touches. So there is something special for everyone. What’s more, the brand gives a second life to furniture they use in photo shoots through their “Reuse market”.

Price: from €55
Best for: chairs and desks

Sustainable Furniture Brands For At Home Office In Europe - hannun


Actiu specializes in designing and producing sustainable furniture for working spaces for over 50 years! From non-toxic office desks and chairs to agile, the list goes on and on. The Spanish European environmentally friendly furniture company is best known for their desk chairs that are ergonomic and able to easily adapt to the user's needs. For example, you can find extensive customization options and features with an adjustable backrest, which enhances comfort. It’s no wonder why they are still one of the Sustainable furniture brands for at home office in Europe after half a century!

Price: from €402
Best for: chairs

Sustainable Furniture Brands For At Home Office In Europe - Actiu

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